10 scary signs someone is tracking your phone, including blurry screenshots

iPhone users can use the location capabilities of friends and family on the devices, but there are many perverse ways that unwanted parties can also track you.

Experts have shared ways to spot when you might be being spied on(Getty Images)

Some spy apps can secretly track phone users’ location, view their conversations, access their banking details, and send copies of their messages or media to another device.

This can make the user somewhat vulnerable to eavesdropping, so if you suspect someone might be tracking your phone, it’s worth taking steps to minimize the risk or end the activity altogether.

Experts have identified 10 telltale signs that suggest someone is indeed tracking your phone.

These include seeing unknown apps on the device and unexplained behavior, such as the device lighting up randomly.

There are also ways to wipe your phone if you think someone is spying on you.

Unknown apps should sound the alarm(Getty Images)

10-point guide to spotting the signs someone might be tracking your every move

1. Screenshots on your phone

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