Why VAR didn’t intervene in Rangers Morelos’ disallowed goal against Celtic

The former whistler explained that Nick Walsh had no opportunity to take action on the main flashpoint because it was not a clear and obvious mistake by Kevin Clancy.

Ref Clancy ruled that Morelos had fouled Alistair Johnston before slotting home from close range, but Rangers were furious at the decision.

It is understood the Ibrox club’s chiefs will demand answers from the Scottish FA over the decisions made in the 3-2 defeat at Celtic Park, with the disallowed goal a major concern.

However, Dougal claims that VAR could not have taken action because the incident was not open, meaning that under current protocol, the referee’s decision stands.

On BBC’s The VARdict, he said: “Before we look at it, I’m happy that, following the Old Firm game, we can see very little.

“As you know, I’m always happy if the referee can get through the game relatively unscathed.

“Obviously, this is the main conversation of the weekend. and Kevin called it like he saw it.

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“The problem, if you will, for some factions is that VAR cannot intervene here because it is not seen as a clear and obvious error.

“If there’s something much more foul, there’s no contact, then of course VAR can step in or ask the referee to look at it again.

“But where they look at that clip, and it’s a bit 50/50, 60/40 depending on which side of the fence you’re on, under the current protocol VAR can’t interfere.”

Presenter Alasdair Lamont then cited questions raised after the incident over whether Clancy could have allowed the goal and then relied on VAR when it was a foul.

“Great point,” Dougal said at the suggestion. “The simple reason for that is if Kevin doesn’t call it like he has and he relies on VAR and VAR tells him basically you’re wrong, then that means Kevin is wrong.

“So by not making a decision, he can still make a mistake. It is important that the refereeing team, not just the match official, calls the shots as they see them.

“And if they need VAR to save them, with inverted commas, then that’s what could happen.”

While Dougal commented on his delight at the limited officiating problems during the game, he suggested that a change to the VAR protocol could improve the situation.

He called for umpires to have a second look option at their disposal to confirm that they have made the right call on important decisions.

“I’m all for selling the decision, and that can’t happen at this point. But going forward, I’ve said in the past that if I were the referee in that situation, I wouldn’t mind coming to my senses a little bit.” a second look at it just to make sure the call is correct.

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“Now, Kevin could very well go to the monitor if the VAR called yesterday and looked at it and said: an error occurred. That is good:

“He could look at it and say, “You know what, I think that push isn’t as bad as I thought,” and then the VAR review will allow him to score.

“Rangers” head coach Michael Beal said after the game. “I am disappointed with one or two decisions of the officials. The VAR heads, not Kevin on the pitch, as I think if you look at Alfredo Morelos’ disallowed goal.

“You look at the number on the back of his jersey, why isn’t their guy trying to play ball?

“Only Alfredo tries to play the ball, they both caught each other, but Alfredo’s numbers rolled on his back. I think it’s a goal. I think it’s soft.”

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