Residents desperate for help on ‘prohibited’ road ‘impossible’ to walk

Neighbors on Mayfield Avenue and Bradford Avenue say huge potholes fill up like “swimming pools” when it rains on the unadopted roads.

They said their main concern was that elderly residents with disabilities could not safely exit homes ‘due to the terrible condition of potholes and bumps’ in their streets, just off Manchester Road at Burnden.

Residents say they accept it is an unadopted road and have spent tens of thousands of pounds trying to improve it, but the streets were only repaired for a few days before they started to deteriorate again .

And they say they desperately need the help and support of road officials.

The Bolton News: Resident who bought a shovel to try and fix the roadResident who bought a backhoe to try to fix the road (Picture: Public)

Sarah Ahmed has lived on Mayfield Avenue for nine years and says she has complained about getting the roads repaired ever since, especially since her 12-year-old daughter became wheelchair bound five years ago.

She said: “The road is very narrow and very bumpy, which fills with huge amounts of rain and mud.

“They’re so bad you can’t pass them up.

“Some days we can’t walk outside and I have to carry her out of the house.

“I’ve been fighting for nine years, calling the council and talking to everyone I could talk to.

“The quality of life is not there here.

Another resident who lives on Bradford Avenue says the potholes got “so dangerous” that she ended up hurting both ankles.

Anna Hilton said: ‘Potholes are so dangerous that it’s very easy to tip over on a peg and fall to the ground.

Bolton News:

“I injured both ankles in the year I lived here due to the uneven road.

“Also, when it’s raining, it’s almost impossible to walk down the street without getting dirty and damaging your clothes or hurting yourself.”

Anna also says it’s “impossible” for her disabled mother to walk down the street.

She added: “I have a physically disabled mum who can’t walk down the street and had to repeatedly ask for a taxi as she was refused a ride all the way due to the condition of the roads.”

A director of two mental health care homes on Bradford Avenue said the road was in “very poor condition”, which caused problems for medical professionals and emergency services attending appointments.

Bolton News:

Amy Birnie said: ‘We have had serious problems with medical professionals and emergency services manning the road struggling to get down and transport patients safely.

“We have had vulnerable adults who have fallen and injured themselves and we have public transport such as taxis that refuse to get off, which causes our residents with reduced mobility to miss appointments and cannot access the community.

“As you may understand, this has a large negative implication on the mental health of our residents, leading to increased isolation.

“We are just a few of such placements in Bolton and it is imperative that we are able to continue to provide safe placements for vulnerable adults, but the condition of the road has a bigger impact than we do. could have foreseen it.”

Amy, along with many other residents, says this resulted in a number of vehicles being damaged due to the bumpy and narrow road.

Neighbors also shared concerns about fly dumps and a rat infestation that has reached such a point that one resident says he can’t eat at home due to the damage.

The Bolton News: Fly dumps and rat problemFly dumps and rat problem (Picture: Public)

Ward Councilor Cllr Mohammed Ayub said: ‘This is an unadopted road so it is the responsibility of the residents.

“We helped last year and planned the routes and spent thousands of pounds on them, but it didn’t last long.

“If we had funds available, then something could be done, but Highways is not dealing with it.

“I will, however, look into potential funding as it needs something more permanent.

“I can’t promise anything, but I’ll take a look at it because I’d like to do something about it.”

Cllr Ayub says he will look into the problem of rats and airline tips to see if a solution can be found.

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