Warzone 2 devs finally confirm move changes ahead of Season 3 update

The Warzone 2 Season 3 update is almost here and the developers have provided a first look at what to expect from the major content drop, including combat and movement changes.

Warzone 2 Season 3 arrives on April 12, and the major seasonal update is expected to deliver plenty of new content, including the Intervention Sniper, UAV Towers, and a new Gulag across Al Mazrah.

With the update fast approaching, the developers have taken the time to preview some of the major gameplay changes Warzone 2 fans can expect. Among the tweaks listed, the developers have confirmed that movement changes will be coming to Warzone 2 in the Season 3 update.

Warzone 2 devs detail movement, combat and pacing changes in Season 3

On April 11, the developers of Warzone 2 revealed a community update blog that highlighted some of the major gameplay changes that will be coming with the Season 3 update.

The devs admitted that they are still looking to improve when it comes to the pacing of Warzone 2 matches: “we want proper downtime to allow for looting and loadout acquisition, and then the heights of combat and commitments.”

Players will find more Buy Stations on Warzone 2 maps in Season 3.

Here are some of the features and changes Warzone 2 players can expect to experience on April 12.


In Warzone 2 Season 3, players will benefit from a “reduced delay between circles closing towards the middle of the game”.

The developers hope this change will improve the pacing of the main Battle Royale offering. Players will also be able to find more Ammo Caches and Buy Stations in Season 3. This change is intended to further support players looking to scavenge in the later stages of a match.


When it comes to Warzone 2 combat in Season 3, players will notice the reduced intensity of damage feedback on their HUD. This change will improve the visibility of Warzone 2 Operators when engaging in two-way combat with bullets flying back and forth.

As previously reported, the developers also reiterated that single-shot sniper rifles will return to Warzone 2 in Season 3. This should lead to a major increase in sniper popularity in Al Mazrah and the Isle of Ashika.

Additionally, the devs confirmed that: “a number of killstreak gear and rebalancing are coming this season, including an update to Bomb Drone so it’s no longer a single shot and can instead take in charge of flushing and/or pushing an enemy squad.”


Much to the delight of Warzone 2 players around the world, the developers have confirmed that movement changes are coming with the Season 3 update. According to the blog, “Movement will now feel more dynamic and fluid thanks to part of the mantle enhancements on objects or through windows”.

Warzone 2 players will also notice changes to glide and dive responsiveness.

Warzone 2 character with intervention sniper rifle and ghillie suit
The Intervention Sniper Rifle is coming to Warzone 2 in Season 3.

Quality of life improvements

Elevation arrows will appear on the Warzone 2 Tac Map starting in Season 3. The developers say the goal of this change is to help players locate objects with more consistency.

Players can also expect the placement of the “Incoming Killstreak” banner to no longer obstruct their line of sight when engaging in combat with an enemy Operator.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Warzone 2 Season 3 patch notes for a full breakdown of the planned changes.

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