Comedian Ruby Wax scores ‘traumatic’ Belfast Titanic experience

The Chicago-born artist (69), often sarcastic and controversial in her performances, was on tour discussing ways to make the world a kinder and more compassionate place.

“I just did a gig in Belfast where they put me up at the Titanic Hotel,” the comedian began in his review of his trip to the city.

“I don’t think anyone else at the hotel thought it was as macabre as I did.

“The hallways, floors and doors are replicas of the original design. I didn’t sleep waiting to hit an iceberg and run for a life raft.

She also visited the Titanic Museum and wrote, “You ride a miniature ship that takes you on a trail from when the ship was built to the night of the disaster. Then you join first class on the fateful night as they dance and sip their champagne.

“You hear their laughter followed by a hard crack, then you watch a realistic rendition of the sinking ship…now you get a recording of screams, emergency alarms and unnecessary flares fired into the sky. In the last piece, the ship seems to rise to heaven where they have heavenly music and misty clouds with images of some of the people who drowned.

“There’s a list of names that didn’t survive… I walked out shaking and traumatized as the families around me smiled as if they had been to Disneyland, heading to the gift shop to grab a Titanic ‘An Unforgettable Night’ coffee mug.

“I wonder if there are interactive rides during other disasters? I hope not.

“Outside ‘Titanic Experience’ is a lawn divided into three sections,” she continued. “One is about fifty feet by fifty feet. The middle patch is smaller and the final patch is approximately 10 feet by eight feet. These patches represent the number of people who survived the sinking of the Titanic if they stood side by side. The first patch represents the first class – hundreds of people survived. In economy not so much and in steerage about fifty. Now, if that doesn’t make you vomit, nothing will.

Adrian McNally, General Manager of the Titanic Hotel, Belfast

In response, Adrian McNally, General Manager of Titanic Hotel Belfast, said: “Titanic Hotel Belfast is one of Northern Ireland’s most unique and iconic hotels. It has been voted best hotel for five consecutive years since its opening, by the public.

“The hotel is a tasteful reminder of the region’s great shipbuilding heritage and recognizes the world-class craftsmanship of the people of Belfast who have delivered ocean liners designed in the drafting offices which now host thousands of national and foreigners every year.”

He said the hotel and area are ones he hopes people will want to experience for themselves.

“We appreciate all guest feedback and thank Ms. Wax’s social media followers who took the time to comment with their own perspective on the hotel and our multi-award-winning offering,” he added. .

“I encourage anyone interested in the RMS Titanic and the industrial history of Belfast to book a place on our free heritage tour or book an overnight stay to experience the hotel for themselves.”

Ruby Wax

Similarly, a spokesman for Titanic Belfast said he was “sorry to hear that the Titanic experience did not meet (Ms Wax’s) expectations”.

“Our goal is to give a complete and comprehensive story of the RMS Titanic and the city that built it, through various media and interactive displays and we find that most of our visitors enjoy this experience,” said the door-keeper. floor of the attraction, which has become one of Northern Ireland’s most popular since opening in 2012 and recently completed a major refurbishment project.

“We work hard to respect the history of the Titanic, the people who built it, sailed on it and died on it.

“We tell its story where the RMS Titanic was built, celebrating the city’s maritime heritage and industrial past, providing visitors with a unique, rich and authentic experience.”

While Ms Wax has praised Belfast on previous visits, her latest comments have not been well received with a flood of responses defending the city.

One of Ruth Maynard said: “The fact that you can safely and freely perform a concert in Belfast is enough of a testament to how this city has grown…remembering and educating about what history tells us is truly important.”

Pamela Butler told Ms. Wax to “be wise!” and added “Titanic will be in the history books forever, it’s a great hotel and tourist attraction…”

Diana Boyd said: ‘This is a beautiful hotel’ and urged Ms Wax to ‘please realize that we are proud that this amazing ship was built here’.

And Tricia Canning O’Hara said: “Superb hotel, beautiful architecture, superb and certainly not macabre! The Titanic experience is awesome and so is Belfast. Next time stay in an uppa Shankill or uppa Falls Road council apartment.”

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