AI regulations are taking shape in the US as writers strike

US regulators are investigating the risks posed by artificial intelligence (AI) after the Federal Trade Commission launched an investigation into ChatGPT maker OpenAI. Meanwhile, Hollywood writers have gone on strike to protest the emerging technology.

On July 13, the Federal Trade Commission sent a letter to Microsoft-backed company OpenAI. She stated that she was investigating the popular chatbot ChatGPT.

AI regulations take center stage

The regulator wants to know if the chatbot generated false information about people or engaged in “unfair or deceptive” privacy and data security practices, according to financial times.

In May, the Federal Trade Commission fired a warning shot at the AI ​​industry, saying it:

“Intensive focus on how companies choose to use AI technology, including new generative AI tools, in ways that can have real and significant impact on consumers.”

In its latest request, the regulator asked OpenAI to share internal materials. Furthermore, it wants details on how the company retains user information. He also wants to know how the company handles “false, misleading, or offensive” content produced by the AI ​​language model.

FTC Chair Lena Khan said she was concerned about “reports where people’s sensitive information appears in response to an inquiry from another person.”

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman took to Twitter on July 14, Mentionsed:

“It is very disappointing to see the FTC order start with a leak and not help build trust. However, it is very important to us that our technology is safe and pro-consumer, and we are confident that we follow the law. Of course, we will work with the FTC “.

OpenAI was sued last month for allegedly collecting and harvesting personal information.

And in related news, Hollywood screenwriters are on strike. Their concerns focus on the escalating tensions regarding the impact of the AI-assisted production process on their livelihoods.

On July 14, the world’s largest trade union representing performers and broadcasters, SAG-AFTRA, chirp They supported and were joining the strike.

Picket lines formed outside the Los Angeles movie studios. Critics of AI have said that studio executives simply want to replace “associative artists with compliant bots,” according to the company. reports.

Other AI news

In an effort to compete with OpenAI and Google, Meta is preparing to launch its own artificial intelligence for commercial projects.

The company formerly known as Facebook is set to launch its Business Language Large Model (LLM) artificial intelligence platform.

The LLaMA AI Meta platform will be available for corporate users to customize. However, the company is known for its epic failures, including its defunct cryptocurrency and its metaverse project.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin mining giant Hive rebranded this week as it shifted its focus to artificial intelligence and cloud computing.


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