Apple Nixes Bitcoin Whitepaper from macOS Ventura Beta

Apple removed an easter egg from the latest macOS Ventura beta, which gives users access to the Bitcoin white paper.

Apple removed the Bitcoin white paper from the latest macOS Venture beta, removing the Virtual Scanner II app in the release. The removal is interesting, given the fact that the existence of the bitcoin white paper was actually an “easter egg.”

There was never an explanation as to why the white paper existed in the first place. It was basically a hidden file that required specific prompts to access it.

The Bitcoin Whitepaper Easter Egg in macOS: Apple Insider

It could be the fact that Apple removed the Virtual Scanner II app from macOS Ventura 13.4 beta 3. The app was required to access the hidden file which was a Bitcoin white paper. Its existence could boil down to the fact that the developer who put it there was a cryptocurrency enthusiast or just put it there as a joke.

Of course, as is typical on the Internet, some speculate that there is an ulterior motive at hand. It’s highly unlikely that there was any such intent, as Virtual Scanner II wasn’t really intended for public use.

The judge rules Apple’s 30% tax mandate as illegal

Apple has found itself making headlines in encrypted media many times in the past. This is largely due to the fact that it wants a 30% tax cut on iOS, which has angered the crypto community. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have wondered if Apple’s actions pose a threat to NFTs and web3 in general.

Apple’s tax rules particularly affect the NFT market, which has many transactions that occur frequently. Apple has also implemented several other restrictions related to NFTs.

On the plus side, one judge to rule That 30% tax base is illegal. This may bring some relief to the NFT market, although it is not clear what exactly will happen in the future.

Apple is getting deeper into artificial intelligence

Meanwhile, Apple is focusing its attention on the AI ​​market, which is the headline for 2023. While Meta and Snapchat have focused on chatbots that enhance the experience of their own apps, Apple is Works on An AI-powered health coaching service that is part of an overall wellness effort.

Crypto projects are also working on their AI efforts, with many related projects seeing prices rise along with the growth of ChatGPT. Now, the focus seems to be on coding AI chatbots with a data-driven economic boom.


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