Apple warns of decentralized social media app Damos

Apple has given Damus, the Nostr-based social media platform, 14 days to update its app or face a ban over its Bitcoin “hint” feature.

While decentralized applications (dApps) are gaining prominence, they still need the support of centralized platforms such as the Android App Store and Apple App Store.

Apple alarm

Damus shared screenshots of Apple’s warning texts on Twitter TwitterApple required it to update the app within 14 days or remove the face from the App Store.

Apple’s warning reads:

We have noticed that your app allows users to submit ‘tips’ associated with receiving content from digital content creators through a mechanism other than in-app purchase.

Although tips or donations may be optional, if they are associated with or associated with receiving Digital Content, you must use In-App Purchase in accordance with Guidelines 3.1.1″

Damus was launched in January this year, and has gained popularity among the crypto community. The platform is backed by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and reached the top 10 on the social networking charts just days after its launch.

There is no point in arguing

Damos finds the warning suspicious because it comes before her podium speech at the Freedom Forum in Oslo. Moreover, the platform Explain It does not sell any digital goods and “simply contains hint buttons to facilitate p2p transactions like Venmo or Cash App.”

After warning Apple, the community was prognosis How Damus’ Advice is different from Twitter’s Advice. Some believe it is largely due to the size of the app’s audience.

Twitter user booksFor example, Facebook routinely avoids breaking App Store rules knowing Apple will never write them off.

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While another user wrote:

“There’s no point in arguing, ultimately it’s up to Apple what is allowed on iOS.”

It should be noted that Apple allowed Axie Infinity: Origins to be listed in May. However, the game does not feature a non-fungible token (NFT) or other direct payment items yet.

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