Are these the smoothest speed bumps in Britain?

  • Residents say the ‘tiny’ bumps installed do nothing to stop motorists from running
  • They said some vehicles were even going 70mph despite the 20mph speed limit

Furious villagers have slammed the council for installing the ‘smoothest speed bumps in England’ in their scenic area – creating a paradise for boy racers.

Residents of Thornton, Middlesbrough, were plagued by dangerous drivers and potholes for years before the council resurfaced the road.

However, villagers now claim the ‘tiny’ bumps installed are a waste of money and do nothing to stop motorists driving past their homes.

They claim the problem has actually gotten worse since potholes were patched and some vehicles are rushing at 70mph despite the 20mph speed limit.

Dan Dare, 57, thinks someone will eventually die because of the dangerous road.

Villagers say the ‘tiny’ bumps installed are a waste of money and do nothing to stop motorists running through their scenic neighborhood
Locals claimed the speed bumps made no difference as cars can drive over them easily

Furious residents of Thornton, Middlesbrough, have slammed the council for installing the ‘smoothest speed bumps in England’ in their village – creating a haven for boy racers (local Tony Armitage, 74, pictured)

The business owner said: ‘The board does nothing. They didn’t keep up to date with cars and vehicles being wider.

“I was told they had to protect residents from the noise these bumps create. They don’t create anything, they don’t even create a bump.

“I’ve been on this road walking my dog ​​and I’ve seen cars coming here at 70mph, easily 70mph.

“The road is great, although the potholes have helped calm traffic.

Mr Dare added: ‘It’s the talk of the village. There’s so much red tape and it’s not necessary because that red tape is going to cost someone their life.

“My main concern is safety. Someone is going to get killed, I know it.

At 8:48 a.m. on Good Friday, a reporter witnessed a white van bombing a speed bump without slowing down.

Less than five minutes later, a Ford Fiesta rushed without difficulty over a bump, dangerously close to a jogger.

Locals say the problem has actually gotten worse since the potholes were filled
The road has a 20mph speed limit, but villagers say many motorists are traveling at around 40mph

Both vehicles appeared to be accelerating, with the white truck traveling at around 40mph, despite having a speed limit of just 20mph.

Consultant and local Vince Robinson, 74, said: ‘What an awful waste of money. Now the council is going to have to spend more money to come and redo them.

“The 20mph speed limit is a joke, it’s not enforced. I’ve seen people go down at 40-50 mph here.

“It is dangerous, not only for pedestrians, but also for horses and riders who travel here as there are stables nearby.

He added: “There hasn’t been a lot of thought given to them. A lot of vehicles can pass them with no problem.

“All you hear from the council is ‘we can’t do this’ and ‘we can’t do that’. They’re worried about making more noise for residents if they raise them.

“They flatter the population of snowflakes.”

Retired technical director Tony Armitage, 74, said: “I thought the bumps weren’t high enough. Cars pass by here. I can go over speed bumps with no problem.

The height of the speed bumps is barely recognizable, meaning the road has become popular among ‘racers’, locals claim
Despite speed bumps in place, some vehicles speed through at 70 mph

“Even going through the bumps it’s very smooth. It doesn’t stop the speeder. I think it might have something to do with today’s vehicles.

“They can cross and they have no effect. Some of the bigger cars that pass here don’t try to slow down.

“Some people go 60mph, they don’t care.

“It’s worrying because children who are children will run into the road and there are a lot of older people in the village using the driveways.

“The road is reasonably narrow and quite often I feel like if I’m walking here and a wagon is coming down I’m going out of their way because of the exterior mirrors.

“Some of them don’t watch what they’re doing.”

Bryan Weightman, 52, a business owner, said: ‘It made no difference.

“Some cars can straddle them and go over them easily. They don’t try to slow down, stop or obey the speed limit.

“It all made it look more like a racing surface because potholes would stop them, but now it’s so smooth that vehicles can slide down at whatever speed they want.

“They fly around here, it’s mental.”

Another resident added: ‘I saw people speeding down this road at 70mph. It’s dangerous. I’m afraid to cross the road and walk around because of fast cars.

“The speed bumps don’t do anything. It’s a quaint village but now it’s full of running boys who use it as a shortcut.

“We asked for speed bumps and for something to be done, but it makes no difference.

“People’s wheels go either side of them and they don’t even have to brake.”

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