Binance ARKM launch spikes BNB volume and price

Binance announces the launch of ARKM, The new code is from a forensic company connected to the chain Arkham Intelligence, on Binance Launchpad, has caused native BNB to rise by 3.6% over the past 24 hours.And

Binance said that the ARKM project webpage will go live in about four hours.

ARKM’s announcement spikes 3.6% BNB

The tokens will be for a maximum of $2.5 million, while each user may only purchase a maximum of $15,000 worth.

Buyers must lock BNB before the token is released to participate. These BNB balances will not be available to other businesses until Arkham and Binance distribute the assets. The token will have a circulating supply of 1,000,000,000. The blockchain intelligence company Arkham is behind the launch of ARKM.

Binance allocates new tokens in proportion to the user’s share of BNB that all users commit to. The hard cap puts a cap on that stake.

Previous projects that have used Binance’s Launchpad include monetization app STEPN and fan token projects for football team FC Porto and racing team Alpine F1.

Shortly after the launch of ARKM advertisementBNB buying pressure sent the coin’s price up 3.6%, to $243.

ARKM Launch Spikes BNB 3.6% | source: Queen Gekko

The coin fell below $300 after the US Securities and Exchange Commission sued Binance for mishandling customer funds and defrauding regulators.

In addition, open interest in perpetual BNB futures contracts rose $20 million.

Arkham’s Bounty Marketplace decentralizes forensics to the series

Coinciding with the announcement of ARKM is the launch of Arkham’s new Decentralized on-chain forensic service.

The platform helps connected investigators monetize their investigations by receiving a reward for the requested information. Any blockchain data exposed by the spy becomes the property of the requester for 90 days. Exploit victims can come together to discover who stole their cryptocurrency, while companies can get exclusive access to on-chain forensic evidence about their hacks before their competitors.

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Several companies, including PeckShield and Lookonchain, are already examining blockchain data for notable money movements.

Last year, crypto-spyware ZachXBT exposed the incessant activity of crypto influencer Lark Davis and tracked money flows in major decentralized finance exploits.

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