Acrobatic star sobs at airport after flight canceled

  • Orissa Kelly, 28, was due to perform in Nigeria before being selected
  • The Britain’s Got Talent star was given a £10 voucher after her 19 hour wait

A Britain’s Got Talent star was left in tears at the airport after her flight to Nigeria was canceled four times and claims British Airways gave her a £10 voucher as compensation.

Orissa Kelly, 28, from Watford, had just completed a show in Edinburgh late last month when she was due to fly to Nigeria to perform two more shows – before her flight was canceled for some reason. disclosed.

The 28-year-old is well known for her appearances on Britain’s Got Talent, MTV and DC’s Wonder Woman, and has the unique talent of being able to shoot a bow and arrow with her feet.

After a long wait, Ms Kelly finally boarded her flight to London, only to find herself stranded again for nine hours at Heathrow Airport.

But after missing her own show and waiting until 7pm, the acrobat said she was only given a £10 voucher as compensation – even though the fiasco cost her a week’s wages.

British Airways has been contacted for comment.

Britain’s Got Talent star Orissa Kelly was left in tears after her flight was canceled four times
The TV star says she only received a £10 voucher as compensation

The incident followed staff advice that she had been booked on another flight to Nigeria as it became clear she would miss her Nigerian show.

But after the grueling wait, Kelly began to prepare for boarding – only to find that she had in fact not been booked on the new flight at all, meaning her 7 p.m. wait had been in vain.

Ms Kelly says she was then told staff had also lost her luggage which she needed to collect after being misinformed she had been booked on the new flight.

Fortunately, Ms Kelly had placed AirTags on her luggage, meaning she could locate them – on the other side of the airport.

After three hours of searching, she finally found her suitcase and hand luggage in different terminals – some were said to have been put on a different flight to the one she was heading towards.

Ms Kelly eventually reached her destination but claims to have missed a week’s pay and been under severe stress – with only a £10 voucher as compensation from British Airways.

The TV star also claimed that many other passengers were distraught after missing weddings, funerals and many other important events.

The video shows a tired Kelly staring sadly at the camera as the text displayed reads: ‘How I ended up with one of the worst travel days of my career.’

Orissa Kelly says she was held up for 19 hours after her flights were canceled
Orissa Kelly appeared on Britain’s Got Talent in 2016

The camera cuts to a smiling unsuspecting Kelly in her archery costume after her performance in Edinburgh.

The video then shows Kelly pushing a trolley through Edinburgh Airport, with overflowing luggage.

Ms Kelly can be heard saying: ‘I woke up at 3am the next morning to go to the airport and catch the plane to Nigeria.

The camera then shows a huge queue of disgruntled passengers waiting in a boarding queue as Kelly says, “That’s where the chaos started.”

She then says, “The aim was to get to Nigeria at 6 p.m. and then go straight to my show that night.”

The video then shows Ms Kelly sitting on a plane with her hand over her mouth, saying: ‘Thanks to British Airways I ended up being canceled on four different flights.’

Orissa Kelly, 28, is able to shoot a bow and arrow with her feet
The Britain’s Got Talent star missed his show in Nigeria
The TV star says she was stuck for 19 hours
The acrobat has appeared on major TV shows including Britain’s Got Talent with her archery act

Ms Kelly can be seen walking past a departure gate at London Heathrow saying: ‘Then I waited nine hours at Heathrow airport for a flight they supposedly booked me on.’

The clip then cuts to the customer service desk, showing a large group of people waiting to be served – all appearing to be heading towards Nigeria.

Mrs. Kelly continues: “–To be told at the gate, I was never booked at all.”

Displeased, Kelly then shows her walking to find her luggage as she recounts in the video: ‘Then they lost my bags and told me to find them myself.

“Even with AirTags, it still took me three hours to locate my luggage.”

She added: “At one point they were even put on a random flight!”

She continued: “Although I missed my two events in Nigeria, a week’s pay and a full stress day, ‘British Airways gave me a £10 voucher’.

The Britain’s Got Talent star can then be seen gushing before bursting into tears after seeing his mother at the airport, waiting to take her home.

Ms Kelly ends the video with: ‘This is my real reaction when I finally saw my mum at the airport to pick me up.’

She adds: ‘When I was waiting in the customer service queue I heard of people who had missed weddings, funerals – with no apology from BA.

“I understand, delays and cancellations will always be part of the trip, but it all depends on how you handle it and I really think BA needs to step up and treat their customers like human beings.”

Orissa Kelly, 28, was able to find her luggage after losing it at the airport
Orissa Kelly claims the fiasco cost her a week’s salary
The 28-year-old is able to shoot a bow and arrow with her feet

Ms Kelly took to social media to share the video late last month, writing: ‘British Airways do it better’. 7pm with a £10 voucher”.

The video received over 20,500 likes and over 350 comments from users surprised by Ms Kelly’s situation

One person wrote: “BA owes you a lot. Contact a lawyer.’

Another said: ‘Nothing beats a phone call or a hug from mum after such stress. It seems so frustrating. You have every right to be enraged.

A third commented: “I’m so sorry this looks awful. I’m glad you got your bags and you had AirTags.

A fourth added: ‘Previously it was a first class experience. Today we are treated like cattle.

British Airways and Heathrow Airport have been contacted for comment.

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