Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson seeks reconciliation with XRP

In a surprising turn of events, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has expressed his willingness to make peace with the XRP community after last year’s spat. Hoskinson and Ripple CTO David Schwartz buried the hatchet following the peace call.

In 2022, Hoskinson criticized the XRP community for being toxic and petty, adding that he had “never come across a community willing to viciously attack someone who didn’t attack them.” At the time, the Cardano founder said he would no longer discuss topics related to Ripple.

The main disagreement between Hoskinson and the XRP community was that a 2018 speech by former SEC Director William Hinman gave Ethereum a free pass. According to the community, the rhetoric helped ETH gain wider acceptance while other assets, such as XRP, struggled with an unfavorable regulatory regime.

Hoskinson Argues That recent anti-crypto moves by the SEC are proof that the XRP community conspiracy theory was wrong. This response sparked strong reactions from the XRP community, which led to Hoskinson blocking several pro-XRP Twitter accounts.

Mixed reactions follow Hoskinson’s peace offering

Hoskinson A call for peace It sparked mixed reactions from the XRP community, with many describing it as hypocrisy After the SEC declared the ADA as a security.

Last week, the US Securities and Exchange Commission filed lawsuits against cryptocurrency exchanges Binance and Coinbase, holding the exchanges responsible for facilitating securities trades for crypto-assets such as ADA. While the Cardano Foundation has unacceptable Security rating, many have in the XRP community Grant Different views of the origin.

Meanwhile, many others within the XRP community Believes The cryptocurrency community needs to unite to survive the current regulatory onslaught. Community member Oskar Arnarsson said that the United Crypto Front would be the “strongest and most influential”.

Do SEC Regulatory Actions Standardize Crypto?

Recent indications are that the entire crypto community is united In its fight against the SEC, many crypto stakeholders, such as Tron Network founder Justin Sun, back Binance and Coinbase.

Pro-cryptocurrency lawmakers, such as Sen. Cynthia Loomis, have been highly critical of the SEC’s enforcement actions against the exchanges. Additionally, Senator Bill Hagerty saw it The financial regulator was using its role as a weapon to kill the industry.


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