Sarah from Coronation Street will be caught up in the storyline of the case

coronation street spoilers follow.

coronation streetSarah Barlow faces a sticky situation tonight (April 12) as Dee-Dee Bailey opens up about her secret connection to Damon Hay.

Earlier this week, Sarah cheated on her husband Adam by having sex with bad boy Damon in a hotel room.

Sarah expected her affair with Damon to be unique, as all signs pointed to him being imprisoned for his recent drug offenses.


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However, Dee-Dee and Adam – who are both working on Damon’s case – later found evidence that could see him out of court.

In Wednesday’s episode, Sarah is stunned when Adam and Dee-Dee’s last-minute discovery sees Damon exonerated.

Damon promises Sarah that he has no intention of causing any problems for her marriage and that he won’t tell anyone what happened between them.

Unfortunately, the damage may already be done as a suspicious Dee-Dee confronts Sarah about her relationship with Damon.

sarah barlow and dee dee bailey coronation street


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Sarah swears to focus on Adam and even suggests that maybe it’s time to try for another baby, but will Dee-Dee shut up?

Ciarán Griffiths, who plays Damon, recently explained, “There’s a lot of sexual tension there. [between Damon and Sarah] – she doesn’t think there could be any repercussions if he leaves, so she thinks “save him”.

“Then, he gets away with it the next day and he’s back on the street!”

Asked about Dee-Dee finding out the truth, Ciarán added, “Dee-Dee notices something going on and confronts Sarah. Damon clocks this and talks to Dee-Dee – he needs to know she won’t tell Adam.

“It’s kinda hard on Adam. Sarah and Damon did this, Dee-Dee knows, they know she knows, but Adam doesn’t know anything.”

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