A couple quit their jobs to travel the world in a motorhome after their request for annual leave was refused

A woman whose vacation request was turned down by her boss quit her job and bought a £25,000 motorhome to live and work in while traveling the world. Kate and Steve Kennedy, 30 and 45, fell in love with motorhome holidays after their first road trip saw them embark on a week-long trip from London to Rome.

The couple first bought a £5,000 motorhome and took several vacations during annual leave, but when Kate’s request for a two-week holiday from her event management job was refused on grounds unknowns, it was the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’. Kate and Steve then spent years saving for a luxurious £25,000 trailer that would be complete with everything they needed to live in it full-time, reports Wales Online.

In 2017, the couple quit their jobs and left behind their rental home in Leeds, West Yorkshire, to pursue their dream of traveling the world. Kate used to work as a wedding planner and Steve as a small business owner and now they both live their lives, often starting work at 4am and working their own hours while visiting countries like Turkey, Greece, Italy and Slovenia.

Kate said: “Ever since I was little I hated the idea of ​​working full time and only taking a few weeks out of the year to travel. Being able to travel was a key part of my growth – friends joked that I was always on vacation.

“I knew I wanted more than just a desk job, so when I found myself working between four walls, at a desk, I hated it.”

The couple quit their jobs after Kate’s request for two weeks’ annual leave was denied(Photo: Kate Kennedy/SWNS)

She recalls the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ in February 2017 when her request for annual leave was denied and she knew she was not living the life she wanted.

She added: “But not being able to go on vacation was the tipping point for me. I saw myself working in a boring office until I was 60 – before retiring and spending the last decades of my life seeing everything I wanted to see since I was in my twenties.

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