Crypto Crime forensics startup raises $4.3 million

A former US Special Agent for the Department of Justice who took down the world’s largest darknet market has raised $4.3 million to start her own crypto-crime agency.

Lilita Infante, a former special agent who served the US Department of Justice (DOJ) for 10 years, has raised funds to launch CAT Labs, which will specifically target crypto hacks, scams and scams.

The Special Agent heads the Hydra Task Force

Infante was the lead agent in the task force that shut down Hydra, the world’s largest and longest running darknet marketplace, accounting for more than 80% of all darknet transactions. It also laundered millions of dollars’ worth of cryptocurrency.

Although the project opened three months ago, it announced a $4.3 million seed round on Wednesday. According to PR NewswireThe round was led by Nick Carter of Castle Island Ventures, Brevan Howard Digital, CMT Digital, and RW3 Ventures.

according to luckCAT Labs was part of the incident reporting team of the hack in February.

Will Infante’s expertise help CAT Labs crack down on cryptocrime?

While at the Department of Justice, Infante launched the first task force that focused specifically on the dark web and crypto-related crimes. She led the team that took down Hydra, the Russian darknet market. In the operations against Hydra, the authorities seized $25.3 million worth of Bitcoin from the market’s cryptocurrency wallets.

CAT Labs plans to work with the US government to help recover digital assets lost to crypto crimes. Cryptocurrency thefts are increasing every day. According to Technext a report$452 million has been stolen by cryptocurrency scammers so far this year.

Infante told Fortune, “Crypto has made it very easy to monetize hacks, scams, and fraud. There are still many technological gaps in law enforcement investigative technology that create huge case backlogs that basically prevent law enforcement from being able to effectively targeting these issues.”

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