Dad feels ‘like royalty’ after being the only passenger on an empty Jet2 flight

Paul Wilkinson, 65, from St Annes, Lancashire, had three cabin crew at his disposal during the three-hour Jet2 flight after fears his plane would be delayed due to lack of a queue .


A father showed up at the airport gate to find he was the ONLY passenger boarding his Jet2 flight – so he was called ‘king’ by cabin crew and treated like his own private jet.

Paul Wilkinson, from St Annes, Lancashire, was flying to meet his family in Belfast from Faro, Portugal, on March 30, but began to panic when he arrived at his door as there was no queue in sight.

The 65-year-old says that after asking airport staff if his flight had been delayed or cancelled, they told him he was their VIP guest as he would be the only passenger on board.

Project manager Paul traveled to the plane alone in a double shuttle and had a choice of seats on the flight.

He says he was treated like royalty by cabin crew who called him King Paul as he stretched out in the front row and even chatted with the captain before takeoff.

Paul Wilkinson was treated like royalty as he flew to Belfast solo on a Jet2 flight(Kennedy News and Media)

Paul said: “It was like being in my own private jet. Someone told me a private jet cost around £28,000 and that would probably never happen again.

“There was no one at the gate, which I found odd. I spoke to the stewards who were waiting to take the passports and they said ‘oh Mr Paul, you’re a VIP today. You fly alone”.

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