Decentralized alternative banks on Twitter on Musk’s dislike of AI

Twitter’s decentralized alternative Mastodon gets 110,000 users as the AI ​​bots scraping Twitter fuel Elon Musk’s wrath.

Social media company Web3 Mastodon has seen a massive spike in users after former CEO Elon Musk announced limits on post views to curb AI scraping.

Alternative Mastodon prides itself on Twitter that it does not need artificial intelligence

On July 2, one day after Twitter was banned, Mastodon creator Eugen Rochko Certain 110,000 new subscriptions.

Mastodon is a web3 social media application that runs on thousands of computers instead of central servers. However, according to TechCrunch, administrators exercise some control over logged-in users on their devices. users Can It is also banned if their server is down.

Unlike AI-driven Twitter curation, Mastodon users must explicitly tell the platform which topics they want to follow using hashtags.

Musk announced a new policy last week to reduce the posts users can see to limit data collection by AI bots. he Shown that it was “annoying” to have to provide servers on the Internet to service the AI ​​companies’ data collection practices.

The maker of ChatGPT OpenAI declined to say how much data the fourth pre-trained Transformer Generative language model uses. The previous GPT-3 model was reportedly trained with about 570 gigabytes of data.

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Spotify agreed to limit the bot’s access to its music catalog at the request of Universal Music Group earlier this year.

Users criticized Twitter’s attempt to generate revenue with a subscription service that was introduced to reduce impersonation. Common criticisms included how easy it was to create a fake account for anyone if they paid the fee.

Monetizable daily active users on Twitter between 2017 and 2022 | source: Statista

Twitter later suspended the service, but it remains to be seen if the high-profile backlash to Musk’s latest stunt will force a rethink.

Are DAMS more resistant to censorship?

Apple removed decentralized Twitter rival Damus from its App Store last week, drawing criticism from Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong and former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Dorsey previously gave 14 Bitcoin to develop the Nostr protocol on which Damus relies.

Nostr protocol does not ask the user for an email address when registering. Instead, it makes use of Nostr’s cryptographic key pair technology. Moreover, Damus transmits messages through decentralized relays, which can filter spam better than servers.

Additionally, the social media app allows trading of Bitcoin on top of Lightning, which is the P2P micropayment layer of Bitcoin. Apple criticized the platform for using Bitcoin to bypass the tech giant’s policy that all monetization follows in-app purchase policies.

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