Dele Alli is pictured surrounded by ridiculous gas cylinders with a balloon in his mouth

  • Dele Alli recently returned to Everton from a nightmare loan spell at Besiktas
  • His season ended after suffering a hamstring injury that sidelined him for 10 weeks
  • Alli has struggled on the pitch since leaving Tottenham in January 2022

Former England footballer Dele Alli was photographed in a Manchester apartment with a balloon in his mouth while surrounded by gas cylinders.

Alli has had a terrible season on the pitch, spending the year on loan at Turkish side Besiktas from Everton.

But the loan, which was expected to end in the summer, was recently cut short and the midfielder was sent back to the Merseyside club following a hamstring injury.

Alli, however, would not be able to play for the Toffees again this season due to not being registered with their Premier League side, but the images released could cause concern for fans hoping to see him back on the pitch soon.

A picture posted on social media, claimed to be in Salford, shows the 26-year-old at a table with a balloon to his lips, next to a table laden with laughing gas, bottles and cans of booze.

In a photo shared on social media, Dele Alli can be seen with a balloon in his mouth
Dele Alli did not have a positive season at Besiktas.
Dele played on loan from Turkish “Everton”.

Despite government plans to outlaw the supply of nitrous oxide, possession is currently not, and cannot be, illegal.

MailOnline has contacted a spokesperson for Alli for comment.

It comes after Ali returned to England having been out for 10 weeks with a hip problem.

He has not played since the end of February in the match against “Antalyaspor”.

Alli, who has 37 caps for England, will assess his future in the summer once he gets over his current injury. He still has a year left on his contract with Everton until June 2024.

The former Tottenham Hotspur favorite has struggled in Turkey, making 13 appearances and scoring twice in the league.

There were reports that Besiktas head coach Senol Gunes was disappointed with Alli’s application.

Other strands of misinformation appear to have crept from the Super League club, with Gunesh previously claiming Alli had gone AWOL from training.

Dele has been struggling to regain his best form at Everton since joining at the start of 2022.
At his peak, Dele was a star player for Tottenham and England, pictured above scoring against Sweden in the quarter-finals of the 2018 World Cup.

This was despite the player being cleared to attend a doctor’s appointment that day.

Asked about Alli, who was previously PFA Young Player of the Year in 2015-16 and 2016-17, Everton manager Sean Dyche confirmed the player had flown home due to injury.

The England international has been popular off the pitch of late, recently dating Kim Kardashian and her son Saint.

Alli’s career peaked in 2018, where as a key player for Tottenham, he was taken to the 2018 World Cup, scoring in the quarter-final against Sweden to help England reach the last four, their joint best appearance at the tournament since 1966.

However, a hamstring injury sustained against Fulham at Craven Cottage in 2019 appears to have severely hampered his long-term performance and he has gradually fallen out of favor at international level as well as at Spurs under Jose Mourinho and then Antonio Conte.

While he moved to Everton on a free last season, he failed to rekindle his spark at Goodison Park under Frank Lampard before moving to Turkey on loan in the summer.

This has led to much speculation as to whether Alli can return to his best form, given that he is out of favor at Everton.

However, his former MK Dons boss Karl Robinson insists Alli has been misunderstood and could regain his former form.

Robinson managed Alli before he sealed a £5million dream move to Tottenham in 2015.

But injuries following the tournament, including at the start of 2019 (above), hampered his long-term performance as he fell out of favor at Spurs and at international level.
Antonio Conte failed to impress at “Tottenham” and left on a free transfer last year.

42-year-old Robinson said. “Early in his career, he probably made a lot of mistakes on and off the field, but it was that one moment of magic on the field that made the headlines.”

The 42-year-old former head coach of Oxford United said. “If you look at the data, he’s one of the hardest-working distance players. I think his personality can be a little flashy at times. He may look hardworking, but he’s always had it.

‘I remember sometimes pinning him to the wall. I remember he was once dragged into the dressing room by a senior player because he had this look on his face that was smiling;

“With the negativity hanging over his head, has he done things off the field that have supported him on the field? I should say no in stages.

Why is laughing gas far from a joke? linked to dozens of deaths and cases of paralysis, fears are mounting about the risks that the nitrous oxide craze is threatening the health of a generation, writes TOM RAWSTORNE.

The extent of the ‘hippy crack’ problem first became apparent in the aftermath of last summer’s Notting Hill Carnival.

As revealed in the extraordinary photos of the cleanup, among the 300 tons of trash thrown by the revelers were full of industrial-grade canisters of nitrous oxide.

Designed for caterers to whip cream quickly and easily, they are now commonly used to get a ‘high’ instead.

The craze for filling balloons with nitrous oxide and then inhaling it has been around for several years.

The immediate effect can be a buzz, including feelings of euphoria, relaxation and giggles; hence the drug’s nicknames: “laughing gas” and “hippie crack.”

But while nitrous oxide, which has the chemical formula N2O, was seen as a relatively harmless substance, concerns have grown about the dangers it poses to the health of a generation.

As seen in extraordinary cleanup photos, among the 300 tons of trash dumped by revelers were fountains full of industrial-grade canisters of nitrous oxide.

Concerned neuroscientists have warned that they are seeing an increasing number of young people suffering from spinal cord and nerve injuries.

Gove promises ‘hippy crack’ nitrous oxide ban and more ‘visible’ policing in anti-social behavior ‘hotspots’

In the worst cases, victims have suffered life-changing effects, including paralysis. This is because heavy and regular use of the drug can lead to vitamin B12 deficiency and a form of anemia. Severe B vitamin deficiency can cause serious nerve damage.

A small but growing number of deaths have also been directly attributed to the drug, with nitrous oxide listed on 42 death certificates between 2010 and 2019.

If nitrous oxide is inhaled by mouth from a pressurized container or in a confined space, it can also cause sudden death due to lack of oxygen.

Last year, Kayleigh Burns’ family revealed how the 16-year-old died after inhaling gas at a house party.

An asthmatic, he was taken to hospital after the collapse. While the exact cause of Cayley’s death has not yet been revealed, her relatives have joined a growing number of groups calling for the drug to be banned or restricted. “It’s all fun and games while you’re taking it, but the long-term effects on your body can be very dangerous,” adds Carrie-Ann Donaldson.

The 25-year-old receptionist from London is in a wheelchair following a spinal injury caused by nitrous oxide, which she began inhaling in 2017.

Last year, the family of Kayleigh Burns (pictured) told how the 16-year-old died after inhaling gas at a house party.

Police officers carry containers of nitrous oxide, known as laughing gas, which have been confiscated from revelers who were planning to use it as a drug.

‘I stopped doing it two years ago. But in those two years, my body was breaking down because of all the balloons I did. Now I don’t even remember what it feels like to not have pain, it’s much more dangerous than people think.

Discovered in 1772, nitrous oxide’s anesthetic and analgesic properties have been used in human and veterinary medicine for over 150 years.

Another use is as an aerosol spray propellant for making whipped cream for caterers.

READ MORE. Hippy crack nitrous oxide ‘to be banned next week’ as government launches new ‘hotspot’ police crackdown on anti-social behavior

In the picture. At a music festival, revelers suck on balloons, a common way people inhale nitrous oxide

But its popularity as a sedative has grown rapidly in the past decade, and half a million young people now use it regularly. To counter this, the production, sale or supply of nitrous oxide for its psychoactive effects was made illegal in 2016.

Today, websites offer nitrous oxide for sale (for example, a pack of ten ‘cream’ cartridges of 8g of nitrous oxide for £7 each), telling buyers it is ‘for food use only’ and asking them to confirm they are finished. 18.

Part of the concern is how users get the drug. In the past, many people bought it in small metal containers before transferring the contents into a balloon from which the gas is inhaled.

But in recent months, experts say, many have switched to supersized tubes, which can be 80 times the normal size. These 600 to 650 gram containers start at £29.99 and can easily be bought online.

“These new large containers are a real concern,” said Stephen Ream, director of Re-Solv, a charity for advice and support on insolvency. “One young man we supported used ten people a day. When you do the small ones, you know how many you’re going through, but when you use the big ones, you lose track.”

Larger containers also carry the risk of serious “cold” burns. Users often hold the cans between their thighs while inflating balloons.

As the container discharges, it becomes frosty, meaning it can cause a frostbite-like burn on bare skin.

More serious still are the warnings of doctors such as Dr David Nicol, 57, a consultant neurologist at Birmingham hospitals for 20 years.

Shortly before the Covid pandemic in 2020, he began seeing patients every two months with tingling in their hands or feet and difficulty walking due to neurological damage. Now, he says, an “epidemic” of such patients is admitted every week.

“Some people die,” adds Dr. Nicole. “I haven’t felt it, but in the last 18 months they have been unable to walk for four or five months. It’s just tragic and completely avoidable. These are users who think everything is a bit ridiculous and have no idea that they might end up not being able to walk for the rest of their lives.

The message is clear. laughing gas epidemic is not funny at all.

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