Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian, and more verified status on Twitter

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are among the American political figures who have had Twitter remove the blue check. Only Twitter Blue subscribers will have access to the Twitter verification code.

Twitter officials have begun taking the legendary blue pick from many of the site’s high-profile subscribers.

Elon Musk is shaking up the Twitter verification process

On Thursday, blue ticks disappeared from the profiles of Bill Gates, Justin Bieber, Donald Trump and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. Celebrities like Oprah, Ricky Gervais, Beyoncé, JK Rowling, Kim Kardashian, Cristiano Ronaldo and Megan Thee Stallion no longer have the blue check. Even Pope Francis has lost verified status on Twitter.

Removing old blue checks was one of Elon Musk’s most controversial moves since he acquired the platform for $44 billion in October 2021.

Ex-presidents lost Twitter verification. source: Twitter

Former US President, Barack Obama, still has his own blue flag. His verified badge reads:

This account has been verified because it is affiliated with @tweet on Twitter.”

The logo of the affiliated organization, in this case the official office of Obama, is located next to the blue check. On the other hand, Bill Clinton seems to be subscribed to Twitter Blue. However, his wife, Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State and two-time presidential candidate, does not have a Twitter verification mark.

Under the original blue check system, Twitter had about 300,000 verified users, including actors, authors, musicians, journalists, and other public figures. For its critics, the system became too bloated and included many people of limited importance.

However, Twitter will no longer verify accounts to ensure their legitimacy, except for those with a Twitter Blue subscription or those affiliated with the company. Different colored check marks, such as gold and gray, will still indicate verified companies and government organizations.

Elon Musk first introduced the paid blue check last December. He has claimed that he had no choice but to raise revenue to save the company from bankruptcy.


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