Emmerdale’s Rhona Goskirk has doubts about embryo story

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Rhona Goskirk was reluctant to let ex-husband Gus and wife Lucy use her remaining embryos in Emmerdale.

Gus arrived in the village last week hoping to use the remaining embryos that Rhona had stored for his new wife Lucy because cancer had prevented him from conceiving through natural means.

Rhona was initially put off by the request, but has since agreed that Gus and Lucy can go ahead with their fertility plans.


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In Tuesday’s (April 11) episode, Rhona’s family encouraged her to rethink her plans, with Marlon wondering if she would feel attached to the child.

Mary also complained about Rhona for helping Gus, insisting he was “a terrible husband” who made his life a misery during their marriage. Rhona reminded Mary that her mother had actually encouraged her to give Gus a second chance back in the day, then insisted it was time for Mary to move on.

At the pub, Marlon stepped in to encourage Rhona to “stop fighting old battles”, then admitted he wished his partner had taken “a little more time” to think about Gus’s request.

Her family’s objections began to weigh on Rhona, causing her to crumble. She then confided in Marlon that she should tell Gus and Lucy that she couldn’t donate the embryos after all.

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“I know you’re right Marlon, I could never stay away from that baby,” Rhona confessed.

This realization has left Rhona in the unenviable position of now having to go back on her word and explain to Gus and Lucy why they shouldn’t be on their fertility journey.

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