Eureka Trading is offering a $3 million reward for the recovery of stolen cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency trading platform Eureka Trading is offering a reward of more than $3 million for the recovery of cryptocurrencies stolen from its platform. The founder said he was subjected to a private key leak and encryption hack that resulted in the theft of $15 million.

Derivatives-focused cryptocurrency trading platform Eureka Trading has put up a $3 million bounty to help recover funds it lost as a result of the hack.

Kuan Sun, the founder of the platform, tweeted about the reward on April 16, saying that it is valuable Reward It may be higher depending on the type of assistance provided.

Crypto bonus as a last resort

Bonus offering is another trend among crypto platforms that are rapidly offering financial incentives for cash back. There have been a large number of incidents in the market in recent weeks, with hackers returning the money after negotiating with the teams. There have been cases where hackers apologized for the incident.

One of the most notable such incidents in 2023 concerns the hack of sentiment, the DeFi platform. The hacker stole nearly $1 million, and returned nearly 90% of the money. Before that, both Oiler and Albridge had seen their forwards make money back.

What is eureka trading?

Eureka Trading is a derivatives services provider to the cryptocurrency industry, calling itself the first of its kind. It claims to have more than $500 million in assets under management, with more than $50 billion in monthly sales.

According to the founder, Eureka Trading was hacked for approximately $15 million. He said on Twitter that he had a private key leaked, which made the attacker sift through the funds. He also indicated that there is some information about the attacker, but it is not enough to definitively determine what happened.

Crypto Hacks In The First Quarter Of 2023 Top $300 Million

2023 has been a busy year in terms of breakthroughs. In the first quarter of the year, hackers managed to steal more than $320 million, according to blockchain security firm CertiK. Ethereum was the biggest target of these hacks, causing an estimated $221 million in losses.

Total crypto hack from the first quarter of 2023 by certificate

NFT hacks and exploits are also on the rise, which is understandable given the interest in the niche. Bad actors often carry out phishing attacks on social media to compromise their wallets and grab valuable NFTs.


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