Garmin announces Edge 540 and Edge 840 with solar variants in tow

In a move that probably won’t come as a shock, Garmin is today releasing the all-new Edge 540 and Edge 840 cycle computers. While the timing isn’t clear, those who paid attention knew this announcement was coming. On the one hand, anyone who has spent time shopping for the best bike computer would have noticed that both models haven’t received an update since 2019. Four years is a lifetime in the world of any consumer electronics device and Garmin has hardly been quiet during that time. Then, in case anyone wasn’t sure, US retailer Adorama managed to slip up and leak product listings ahead of time. Still, even with the past surprise, today is when we get the details.

In the world of bike computers, this news is as big as it comes. In many ways, Garmin invented the modern bike computer, but the story has little relevance in the tech world, and every brand remains vulnerable to innovative competition. Garmin may be the market leader in terms of volume, but with such a long gap, questions have started to emerge about suitability in the mid-range. With today’s Edge 540 and Edge 840 versions, Garmin seeks to answer these questions. Both models are at the heart of Garmin’s bike computer portfolio and, by extension, at the heart of the entire bike computer market.

Garmin Edge 540 bottom edge

Hardware changes aren’t drastic, but the details that matter most see improvements (Image credit: Josh Ross)

Garmin Edge 540 and Edge 540 Solar

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