BBC Radio 1’s Greg James ‘hit in the head’ by a bus

BBC Radio 1 and Rise and fall presenter Greg James opened the moment he was hit in the head by a bus.

The breakfast show host appeared on the How to fail with Elizabeth Day podcast last month, which made the rounds this week, no doubt due to the rarity of the accident.

James told the story and explained: “I once got really mad at a bus driver, because I was waiting for a bus – because I’m incredibly down to earth and I take the bus – and he came in so quickly that he hit my head. In fact, he hit me on the head.

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“I was on the sidewalk and I was like ‘man, you just hit me on the head with your bus.’ He said ‘ah shut up’. I said ‘what do you mean by your face? You hit me with your bus, look at the size of your bus!’ So I get annoyed with transport.”

He also shared that he often gets ‘road rage’, especially since he started riding his bike, and recently had to knock on a taxi driver’s door for getting too close to him. .

“Transportation issues aside,” he continued, “darkness comes when I’m tired, stressed, and overworked. I sometimes have really awful moments of crippling doubt.

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“But I think they’re normal and it’s good to talk about these things. There are times when I feel like I can’t do it, and I wake up and think ‘how am I going to do this? show today? Should I do this? Am I good? I’ve been doing this for ages, maybe I should do something else.'”

James also said it’s important for people in the public eye to open up about times “when you think you’re crazy at all” and when they’re stressed out sometimes, to normalize that people don’t have their business together all the time.

Rise and fallhosted by Greg James, begins Sunday, March 19 at 9 p.m.

Joe Anderton is a freelance journalist at Digital Spy.

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