Humans will be able to upload dead people to a computer by 2024, expert says

Metaverse scientist Dr Pratik Desai urges people to regularly record their parents, elders and loved ones as new technology may enable voice and video recordings to bring the dead alive forever

AI can allow people to stay in touch with loved ones after they die (Bristol Post)

People may be able to “live forever” with loved ones even after they die thanks to new artificial intelligence technology that could be available by the end of this year, a scientist has claimed.

Dr. Pratik Desai, who is an AI expert and has founded several start-ups, urges anyone to register their parents, elders and relatives regularly.

He believes that once enough data, including voice and video recordings, is available, people may be able to upload it to a computer and feel close to themselves even after leaving their physical bodies.

Dr Desai tweeted: “Start checking in on your parents, elders and loved ones regularly.

The new technology could be available by the end of this year, according to Dr Desai (Getty Images)

“With enough transcription data, new text-to-speech, and new video patterns, there’s a 100% chance they’ll live with you forever after they leave the physical body.

“That should even be possible by the end of the year.”

Last year, Artur Sychov, CEO and founder of Somnium Space, a version of the metaverse, decided to create a new feature called “Live Forever” mode following the death of his father.

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