I just found out my boyfriend is married – should I tell his wife?

A woman who finds out her boyfriend gave her a fake identity and the “fantastic gentleman” she thought she had found is actually married.

The American woman has shared shocking details on social media site Reddit after finding photos of the man’s wife while browsing Facebook.

She said after realizing his work name tag was different from the name she knew him by, she went looking for more information – and found out he was already married.

The discovery of his secret life left her “sad and disappointed”, and at the same time she suspects that the man gave her herpes.

She asked users if she should tell the man’s wife about it – and many agreed it was the right course of action, but others warned against bringing “more drama “in his life.

The anonymous woman shared shocking details on social media site Reddit of how she found pictures of the man’s wife while browsing Facebook (stock image)
She said after realizing his work name tag was different from the name she knew him by, she went looking for more information – and found out he was already married.

Her post read, “I have been dating a man in his 50s for a few months. Fantastic gentleman, I really loved life.

“While I was on a business trip, I saw that his badge has a different name than the one he gave me. I found love photos with a woman on Facebook.

‘What do you suggest? For those who say just drop it and say nothing, it also gave me herpes. She should know that, right? I am so sad and disappointed with the way people are treating each other.

The majority of people were sympathetic to the plight of the woman.

One user said: ‘Oh yikes. Sorry. Yes, I would message the woman. All. Include screenshots, etc. What she does with it is not your problem. Some women won’t do anything, they know it’s a cheat but ultimately don’t care. So after sending, I would block them all. I don’t want any contact with any of them.

“Then take care of yourself. Take all the time you need to mourn this betrayal and loss. I don’t know if you would be open to therapy, but sometimes a professional can help us process things faster and get over them in the healthiest way possible.

Another woman advised her to be “nice” to herself.

The majority of people on Reddit were very sympathetic to the woman’s plight and urged her to tell the man’s wife, saying they would like to know in the same situation.

She said, “Of course you’re grieving!” What a shock, betrayal, and he gave you herpes. I’m sure you are feeling so many emotions on so many levels right now. Be kind to yourself.

And sharing the details of a similar situation which ultimately led to her divorce, another added: ‘Tell the woman in the least confrontational way possible. It may seem like she’s doing nothing, but she’ll get the information, that’s what matters.

However, some people weren’t quite as sympathetic – and warned of a backlash.

However, others have warned that telling his wife might just cause more drama and not make her feel any better.

“Whether you tell her or not is definitely your choice, in my experience it has caused me a lot of drama in my life,” one person said.

“It turned out to be a messenger shoot scenario where the woman blamed everything on me.

“After the third time this happened I stopped talking about cheaters, I feel bad for women but my sanity is already taking a hit when I find out about this, I don’t need the someone’s wife to try to make me feel worse.”

Another said the man was an ‘expert liar’ and questioned whether the woman would believe her spouse ‘a stranger’.

‘Maybe he’ll claim she gave him herpes. Anyway, if they’re still sexually active together, she probably has it now, too. It’s up to you, but I’ll move on,’ he wrote.

And another commenter advised the woman to “walk away and not look back”, saying: “Why bother with the woman and draw more drama on you?”

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