Is artificial intelligence a threat to music artists?

Universal Music Group (UMG) has asked streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple to block music created by artificial intelligence (AI).

UMG, the company that controls a third of the global music market, has set its sights on AI-generated music. According to the financial timesit asked streaming giants like Spotify and Apple to remove AI-generated songs built from their copyrighted music.

It also asked streaming service providers to block their music from reaching developers who use it to train AI models. AI developers can use existing music to train their models to create new songs that sound like popular artists.

In an email to broadcasters, UMG wrote, “We will not hesitate to take steps to protect our rights and those of our artists.”

Artificial intelligence is taking over the music industry

The growing popularity of artificial intelligence has long been a concern for some, as the technology can create unique text, images and now even music.

For example, YouTube channel, 20 torrent, he uploaded a video called “AllttA – Savages”, in which the artists sing along with American rapper Jay-Z. Interestingly enough, Jay-Z did not collaborate with the channel, rather his voice was created by AI.

The Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) He says“This sounded so much like Jay-Z that even knowing I’m listening to AI-generated content, I can still hear it and kind of enjoy it.”

But cAnd UMG Stop AI?

A person close to the matter told the Financial Times that this next-generation technology poses important problems. He says: “A lot of[generative AI]gets trained on popular music. You could say: Make a song with lyrics like Taylor Swift, but the vocals would be Bruno Mars style, but I want the theme to be more Harry Styles.” The output you get comes back It is based on the fact that the artificial intelligence has been trained on the intellectual property of these artists.”

UMG’s controversy over artist intellectual property infringement may carry weight, but the community believes AI cannot be stopped. Twitter user He writes“It’s ineffective. There are thousands of websites that offer music for free or anyone can manually upload the files. There is no universal way to prevent AI from accessing it.”

Developers don’t just use songs from streaming platforms to train their models. AI and automation expert Pascal Bournet tweeted a video of an orchestra whose live music is being used as “real-time data to feed a generative AI model”.

The industry welcomes NFTs

Despite its negative stance against AI, the industry has embraced non-fungible tokens (NFT) technology. Last year, UMG created music for Kingship, a virtual band based on the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection.

Another leading music company, Warner Music Group, has teamed up with Polygon to create a Web3 music platform.

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