Killer Whales, Web3 Alternative to Shark Tank

Killer Whales, a TV show based on Shark Tank, will allow Web3 companies to pitch their project to a panel of judges called Whales.

Shark Tank has greatly contributed to making entrepreneurship mainstream by capturing the interest of the general public. Will an idea similar to Web3 bring mass adoption to the industry?

Killer whales aim to bring 1 billion users to Web 3

Crypto-data aggregator CoinMarketCap has partnered with Web3 entertainment company Hello Labs to launch “Killer Whales.” It will be a reality TV show similar to Shark Tank that will provide a platform to showcase crypto and non-fungible token (NFT) projects.

Sander Goertjes, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of HELLO Labs, He said“We want to open the door for the next billion Web3 users by educating them on all things cryptocurrency.”

Similar to the sharks on Shark Tank, the Web3 TV show will feature whales – the leading figures in the industry. So far, Georgies has it Certain This is a YouTuber @tweetfounder of Crypto Fund, @tweetWhales will play in the show.

On Tuesday, Hello Labs opened its portal to receive submissions from projects. CoinMarketCap and Hello Labs representatives, along with other industry experts, will screen the applications.

Finally, in June, the shortlisted nominees will participate in the filming of Killer Whales in Los Angeles.

During the show, candidates must convince whales to earn their “swim” votes to climb the leaderboard.

Besides the whales, the community will also participate in the voting process by linking their wallet to

Our goal is to provide a voice through our platform for the entire Web3 community when producing the show, so we’ve provided a way for communities to vote for their favorite projects and NFTs and show their support.

Sander Goertjes

After the Killer Whales announcement, the price of the HELLO token increased by about 13% in the last 24 hours.

However, it might be interesting to see if US regulators allow the show to be broadcast. Since the beginning of this year, regulators have launched a campaign against crypto companies.

Source: BeInCrypto

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