Kylie Minogue Gives British Indie Rocker Her Number After Paul Solomons Split

Australian pop icon Kylie Minogue, who has split from boyfriend of five years Paul Solomons, gave her number to a famous British musician earlier this year on a wild night out in London.

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Kylie Minogue recently gave her number to Kooks guitarist Hugh Harris, the musician revealed.

Hugh, 35, recently bumped into the Australian singer at one of London’s glitziest private clubs, Annabel’s, when he was ‘so drunk’ – so drunk in fact that he worked up the courage to ask its numbers.

While Hugh has yet to verify if the number is legit, he recalled the moment during an appearance on the latest episode of the Flawes’ Meet at the Hotel Bar podcast.

“I met her recently at Annabel’s and she’s lovely, she’s a really lovely woman. I was so drunk I even asked for her phone number,” the Kooks star revealed.

“I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I was like, ‘Am I going to do this? Yeah, I’ll do that” – “Can I have your phone number please?”‘

Kylie gave band member Kooks her number(Getty Images)
Hugh Harris was brave enough to ask for Kylie’s number(red ferns)

“Her friend next to her was obviously like, ‘Who does this guy think he’s asking Kylie’s phone number for?’

Hugh continued: “But do you know what she did? She turned around and she said, ‘Yeah sure, there you go,’ and that was that beautiful moment.”

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