A man has been ordered to demolish a new 6ft security wall around his house in council row

A man is embroiled in a row with council after being ordered to demolish a six foot wall around his house.

Garden products manufacturer Mark Roberts built the wall in front of his house in 2020 for its “privacy and security” and paid £5,000 to complete the project.

An unruly eight-foot conifer tree once stood there and jutted through its old wall and into the sidewalk, so the 62-year-old thought nothing of the new wall he had built.

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But now the frustrated former coal miner has denounced council over plans to tear down the wall that protects his garden and home, WalesOnline reports.

The council wrote to Mark in October 2021, almost two years after the wall was built, telling him that someone had complained about the height of his wall. Following inspections by council officers, he was then told that the wall had to be demolished.

Mark said he didn’t know he needed planning permission when he built the wall.

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