Man undergoes excruciating waist lengthening surgery to grow five inches taller

A man had excruciating waist-lengthening surgery to get taller – and grew five inches taller.

Feeling insecure about his 5ft 5in height, Moses Gibson tried medication and even contacted a “spiritual healer” in a bid to pop up.

When nothing was working, the desperate 41-year-old decided painful surgery was his only option, which involved breaking several bones in his body.

He managed to add an extra three inches to his height in 2016 through surgery, but seven years later he had a second round and uses a waist-enhancing device.

Moïse, who spent a total of $165,000 [approx £133,000] on both operations [first $75,000, second $98,000]hopes to feel “free” by reaching his goal of 5ft 10in by June.

He struggled with ‘heightism’ in his love life and constant jokes about him being ‘short’, but now he has a newfound confidence and has found himself a girlfriend.

Moses went from 5ft 5in to 5ft 10in(Kennedy News and Media)

Moses, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, said: “I struggled with the height, I don’t know if heightism is what they call it, but being on the shorter side for the men.

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