Meet the man who bought a dilapidated estate to turn into a restaurant and golf retreat

Just before the coronavirus pandemic, Raglan Country Estate was about to go on the market and London financier Deri Llewellyn-Davies was asked to advise on the sale.

However, he hadn’t planned on falling in love with the place itself. When he arrived most of the buildings were closed and the golf course grass was overgrown, but something about the property and the location won him over, WalesOnline reports.

Originally from Pembrokeshire, the rolling hills of Monmouthshire were not an area he was particularly familiar with, but admiring the scenic views he saw beyond the tall grass and derelict buildings.

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“I was only supposed to come to give advice on finances, I came across it by chance,” he recalls. “It was in a pre-Covid world and it was pretty derelict and overgrown. I don’t play golf, so I have no idea about that side of things, but I could see the potential. C was maybe a little crazy, but I could see a way to bring people back.

The estate was dilapidated and overgrown when Deri first saw it (Photo: John Myers)

“I just thought it was tragic for the local community that this beautiful estate was so run down. I’m originally from Wales so coming back to Wales also felt good. It’s not an area of ​​the country that I knew but it’s such a beautiful place, I couldn’t resist. I was mesmerized by its breathtaking beauty and all its potential.”

Golf course grass was overgrown (Photo: John Myers)

And what it looks like now.

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