MQA has entered administration: what does it mean for Tidal and supported products?

The recent announcement of the entry into administration of MQA Ltd. has been one of the most important news of the year so far in the world of audio technology. The company’s main backer seeking a way out of its investment, MQA has been plunged into the uncertain waters of administration as it seeks a way out of an undeniably unenviable financial situation.

The news has implications that go far beyond the company itself and has raised important questions about the future of MQA, its software, and the platforms and brands currently using it. In order to understand the potential effect this restructuring could have on the industry, it is important to look back at the events themselves, why they happened and what the future holds for MQA and the industry as a whole. together.

What is MQA?

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MQA stands for Master Quality Authenticated and, in simple terms, is a way to digitally capture and store original master recordings as files small and convenient enough to later stream or download without the usual loss of fidelity typically seen with audio files. compressed. MQA has also paid particular attention to the time domain behavior of its files. This means using proprietary compression to essentially ‘fold up’ sound to make it playable, then, via MQA-certified hardware or software, ‘unfold’ it again so that it can be heard.

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