Multichain Bridge Drained at $126 Million, Aptos Twitter at Risk

A hacker posted false information about an airdrop after hacking into the Twitter accounts of Aptos Network and its CEO. Aptos asked users to be careful and not interact with any suspicious posts.

Bad actors hacked the Twitter accounts of Aptos Network and its CEO Mo Shaikh on July 7, posting information about fraudulent airdrops. The attacker published a typical phishing post, providing a link that would harm users.

Aptos Network Twitter accounts hacked

the tweet The hacker asked everyone to participate in the airdrop, telling them that they can claim APT for free on the APT network. It also highlighted that more than $1 million had already been claimed.

In the CEO’s hacked tweet, she claimed that “$APT shows potential to bring down all other coins.”

Aptos Labs to explain In their tweet that the Aptos Foundation account was hacked and that the APT takedown was fraudulent. All tweets have a predictable clickbait-ish nature to them.

The incident marks another attack via hacked social media accounts. This is one of the most common ways to steal money from cryptocurrency owners and one that teams are wary of.

Multichain at risk, loses $126 million

Another major incident occurred on July 7, when funds were drained from the Multichain Fantom Bridge. The assets affected include WBTC, USDC, DAI, wETH, and Link.

The total amount stolen was $126 million, $30.9 million from WBTC, $13.6 million from WBTC, and $57 million from WBTC.

HackAssets multi-chain assets dried up. source: Twitter/PickShield

multi-string chirp that “Assets on a Multichain MPC address have been abnormally moved to an unknown address.” It recommended that users suspend use of Multichain services and revoke all contract approvals. The Fantom Foundation’s CEO, Michael Kong, has also said he’s looking into the matter.

The hack will add to the woes of Multichain, which has suffered a price drop amid rumors of arrests. Binance has also stopped supporting eight Multichain Bridge tokens as discussions about its protocol rage. The problem was related to the paths across the chain of the protocol.

Hundreds of millions lost due to cryptocurrency hack in 2023

The Aptos Network Twitter account hack is just the latest in a long list of cryptocurrency-related security incidents in 2023. The problem remains, with hundreds of millions lost to hacks and phishing scams this year.

Euler Finance’s loss of $197 million in March 2023 was the biggest incident of the year so far. The platform has been hit with the Flashloan exploit, a technique that has been popular with bad actors for years. The Multichain incident was the second largest hack.

Like the Multichain hack, Atomic Wallet also suffered a private key hack that resulted in a loss of $100 million.


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