What does April 14, 2023 hold for MY zodiac sign? Oscar Cainer tells it all

In parts of India, today marks the traditional Solar New Year. After January 1, the Chinese New Year and the Equinox, this is our fourth New Year. I’m not sure my liver can handle another New Year’s Eve party, so I’m going to abstain for this one!

Especially since the relationship between Venus and Saturn encourages us to set boundaries and experience pleasure on our own terms. It’s not partying. It’s making sure we cultivate long-term health and happiness.

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March 21 – April 20

An emotional question is on the agenda this weekend. And since a difficult interaction has left you behind, you feel extremely sensitive. You are determined to do everything possible to protect someone’s interests. Still, you seem to be in a bit of a no-win situation. Your desire to oversee the “best possible outcome” undermines your ability to assess what is happening: your objectivity is compromised by your feelings. The Venus/Saturn link facilitates the evaluation. Want to hear invaluable information about your week? Just pick up the phone! Call 0906 751 5601.


April 21- May 21

It looks like someone is missing something. Which is frustrating, because you need it to support your projects. Still, could they miss it because they spotted the problems the trick could cause? The line between caution and fear is less obvious than you might think. As Venus, your ruler, is tied to Saturn, it’s worth reconsidering your reasoning. Could you have gotten involved, in the heat of the moment, without thinking about the consequences? It’s time to rethink. Make wise decisions this weekend. To find out how your life could change for the better, call your latest forecast for the week: 0906 751 5602.

Oscar Cainer, pictured, says setting limits isn’t ‘party poo’, but rather ensures we keep feeding


May 22 – June 22

Did you notice the subtle change in atmosphere? A critical voice has died down. A point is no longer raised out loud and repeatedly. Phew! You can hear yourself thinking. You agreed with someone’s perspective on a situation because they weren’t ready to listen to reason. They were so insistent that you started believing they were right. This weekend you have the mental space to focus on your theories. The resulting ideas are worth exploring. A way forward is possible. Venus moves in your sign bringing creativity, romance and abundance. For your predictions, call 0906 751 5603.


June 23 – July 23

If there is an element of mistrust between people, everything becomes difficult. Even the simplest conversations and activities become complex minefields as we carefully navigate around potential outbursts of betrayal. No one can move forward with confidence when looking where they are walking or looking over their shoulder. You’re so used to dealing with a difficult situation that you’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to live without it. This weekend brings a liberating encounter of mutual respect. Your forecast for the coming week is full of important news. For a detailed guide call 0906 751 5604.


July 24 – August 23

People notice you. You may not be aware of the impact you are having but whether you notice it or not, it is there. In fact, it is impossible for you to know because you do not see how people are when you are not there! And it is difficult to predict their reactions. They might be worried about your confidence and retreat. Or they may be shy and hide their feelings. Yet some are insightful and know that despite your confidence, sometimes you need support. This weekend brings a possible new connection. Realize your dreams! Let the heavenly outlook for the week reveal the true desires of your heart. For good news call 0906 751 5605.


August 24 – September 23

When someone has wronged us, we have every right to feel angry, frustrated, and hurt. . . at least for a while. However, there will come a time when continuing to go over an old wound will slow down the healing process. We cannot bury our heads in the sand feeling sorry for ourselves forever. Luckily, that’s not what you want to do. You feel a sense of injustice, but are wise enough to realize there is something to be learned that will be far richer than revenge. This weekend brings an inspired way to heal. In a week of heavenly creativity, you can transform your life. For your weekly forecast call 0906 751 5606.


September 24 – October 23

What do you want to do this weekend? In theory, at least, you are free to do whatever you want, within certain limits. If you immediately think about winning the lottery, having lunch with your favorite celebrity, or making calorie-free pizza, you need to revise your expectations! You’re unlikely to be able to stop a certain person from being irritating either. Still, you have a range of options. And if you leave with optimism and are ready to experiment with ideas, you will have fun in surprising places. Capture the powerful energy of the sky filled with positive stars. Call your detailed four-minute forecast: 0906 751 5607.

The relationship between Venus and Saturn encourages us to set boundaries and experience pleasure on our own terms. Used stock image


October 24 – November 22

When you have one foot in the future and the other in the here and now, it is difficult to know if you are coming or if you are leaving. You are at a crossroads: you have to make a decision. From a logical point of view, the choice is obvious. So who will win. . . your head or your heart? You will be able to decide. In the meantime, try to be patient. Over the weekend, the situation will evolve and you will naturally recalibrate your response to what is unfolding. That said, there’s a reason they say, “Be true to your heart.” Do yourself a favor; treat yourself! There’s exciting news in your four-minute forecast. Call 0906 751 5608.


November 23 – December 21

We all take things for granted. There are aspects of our world that we could or should take more advantage of. A simple process takes place. You have embarked (or are about to embark) on something that feels right and natural to you and it is starting to bring a sense of fulfillment. Until now, a prize was within your reach, but you let it slip through your fingers. As you begin to appreciate what is unfolding, you will realize what makes you feel healthier, richer, and happier. Lift your spirits. Change your life! Your four-minute forecast for the coming week contains important news. Call 0906 751 5609.


December 22 – January 20

The more we do the wrong thing, the harder it becomes to do the right thing; and even if we try to do good things, we are easily tempted to fall back into bad habits. Maybe that’s why some people don’t see the point of trying. When we realize we’ve made a mistake, we become defensive. And that causes us to get more stuck in mindsets that create barriers. These barriers hold positive change at bay. While Venus is linked to your ruler, Saturn, if you want to get it right this weekend, you have to risk being wrong! Four minutes on the phone could change your life. For your latest weekly forecast call 0906 751 5610.


January 21 – February 19

I don’t mean to add to your feeling of irritation, but the advice is that you should ignore a feeling of frustration. (Hope this doesn’t make you even more frustrated!) I know you’ve discovered an injustice. And with your inherent sense of fair play, you feel called to action. You are desperate to do harm, it is true. But if you act hastily, you risk making things worse. As Venus and Saturn are linked, if you take a step back, you will get a more objective view. You can then intervene effectively. For a powerful prediction covering the changes you can expect over the next few days call 0906 751 5611.


February 20 – March 20

All zodiac signs have their stereotypes. Brave lions. Passionate Scorpios. As for Pisces, you are the aerial dreamers-fairies. . . happy to float, to go with the flow. Does it really reflect your personality? I do not think so! You are a force of nature with fire in your heart. You might be ready to deal with less than ideal circumstances, but only because you have an innate awareness of what is right and you are on the path to fulfilling your destiny. This weekend brings clarity. What is happening is perfect. Your detailed forecast for the week ahead could be one of the most rewarding calls you’ll ever make. Call 0906 751 5612.

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