No more easy money for the tech-savvy “crypto kids”.

Former kickboxer and controversial social media influencer Andrew Tate has taken to Twitter to slam the country’s money in cryptocurrency.

Meanwhile, the American millionaire is promoting cryptocurrency investing “without a bachelor’s degree” at his online university as part of his “modern” wealth creation.

Andrew Tate: “A New Generation of Nerds”

Tate noted that there was a new wave of tech-savvy “crypto kids”. According to the internet personality, who has faced suspicion of organized crime and human trafficking, crypto kids have gained significant wealth through deceptive practices. He claims that these marketers have made money by trading digital assets such as NFTs and obscure cryptocurrencies.

However, he believes the lucrative nature of the field has diminished. Stressing that he left many of these young people in a difficult financial situation.

he is too male That influencers made money through sheer luck despite a lack of practical experience and real-world skills:

“There’s about a 25-year-old yelling at you that money is easy, despite only making his money by having the easiest time in the world getting rich through blind luck. Don’t fall for it.”

Tate reiterated that making money from sheer luck in the failing coin market does not make a person an expert. It’s interesting because he’s still an “expert” who sells the course and warns other crypto marketers.

To educate freelance writing, cryptocurrency, investing, and business, Andrew ‘Cobra’ Tate has been promoting Hustler’s University 4.0. Tate also rates other crypto influencers as having “childish vanity”, “easy money”, and “arrogant scammers” all at the same time.

Andrew Tate University Hassler 4.0 landing page ejaculate

Expect a bull run

While the former prisoner promotes himself as a “teacher” who is diligent about making his students “richer,” it is a good reminder that his cryptocurrency was recently confiscated. Prior to his arrest by Romanian authorities this year, Tate was reportedly seized with 5 BTC by the police. according to reportsAuthorities took control of Tate and his brother’s digital wallets containing $500,000 worth of cryptocurrency.

Having said that, Tate promotes its courses as “no bullshit, no fluff, just whack-a-mole-making lessons.” In addition, the influencer has previously stated that fiat money is worthless, adding that “cryptocurrency is great for a range of things,” such as an inflation hedge.

Andrew Tate on The Pomp Podcast focusing on cryptography by Anthony Pompliano
Andrew Tate on The Pomp Podcast focusing on cryptography by Anthony Pompliano

Meanwhile, his endorsement comes as businessman David Goechstein just predicted yet another revolution in a tweet.

Gokhshtein also predicts that the popularity of memecoin generally sparks a bullish wave, increasing interest in cryptocurrency among marketers, influencers, and celebrities.


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