Over 140 ETH drained in Tales of Elleria Arbitrum Bridge Attack

Web3 game Tales of Elleria suffered an attack that drained over 140 ETH. The hacker targeted a function in the Arbitrum Bridge nodes.

Another attack occurred in the DeFi space, this time a web3 game called Tales of Elleria. The latter has been hacked for more than 140 ETH, worth around $273,000.

The Tales of Elleria team announced via Twitter that there had been a theft, which exploited the Arbitrum Bridge contract.

the asked the team That no one buys ELM token and also suspended withdrawals and deposits from the game. The attack took place on April 19, and according to the team, the hacker exploited the bridge contract, mined 5 billion ELM, and proceeded to drain LP.

The team is working on a plan to compensate the victims of the attack and will provide details of that plan soon. Co-Founder, COO, and Project Executive Director, “Wayne” He said that the attacker “appears to have created his own signature and withdrew an obscene amount of $ELM, draining his LP.”

Tales of Elleria Token Price Dumps After Arbitrum Bridge Exploit: CoinMarketCap

The hacker divided the stolen amount into four transactions. The specific exploit is linked to the redemption function in the smart contract. As a result of the attack, the price of the web 3 game ELLERIUM (ELM) token took a hit, losing 99% of its value.

What are the Tales of Illyria?

Tales of Elleria is an RPG that works similarly to other games in this genre. Players can assume the form of heroes, participate in quests, and earn rewards. The game also features NFTs, which bring additional value to players.

Tales of Elleria runs in the browser, and players can choose from different categories. The game focuses on PvE, not PvP, and players will visit different places in the world.

Arbitration against multiple attacks

Bridge attacks are very common in the crypto market, and there seems to be a lot of focus on Arbitrum in particular. A pirate stole $6.9 million From Lodestar Finance, an Arbitrum-based DeFi protocol. One of the hackers also managed to compromise Some Arbitrum wallets to withdraw ARB from those awaiting airdrops.

Bridge attacks are a major target for hackers, and they will continue to appear in 2023, by the looks of it. More than $2.5 billion was stolen in this way between 2020 and 2022. It accounts for 50% of all exploits in the DeFi market.


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