Pepe & Dogecoin price has stalled, but these tokens look bullish

The big players in the meme coin world, Pepe ($PEPE) and Dogecoin ($DOGE), are taking a breather after their recent bullish exploits.

With minimal price momentum showing during a quiet week in the cryptocurrency market, meme currency traders have begun to look for gains elsewhere.

Meanwhile, two new meme projects, Wall Street Memes ($THUG) and Thug Life ($THUG), have emerged as potential hotspots for significant growth.

Bearish week for $PEPE amid low volume

At the time of writing, $PEPE is hovering around the $0.00000147 level, after closing lower in four of the past five days.

Although the price of $PEPE has only fallen by 4% in the past week, the overall momentum is still bearish, indicating that the optimistic trends seen in late June may now be over.

From a technical perspective, PEPE dollar price appears to be heading back to the strong support area at $0.00000142.

The price strongly rejected this level on June 29 – PEPE dollar bulls are hoping a similar scenario will play out this time.

Unfortunately, per CoinMarketCap datathe token’s daily trading volume fell to just $96 million — a far cry from June, when it averaged $800 million per day.

However, $PEPE has shown resilience in the past and has managed to recover from setbacks, indicating that there is still potential for recovery in the coming days.

Dogecoin is entering a consolidation phase as the market takes a break

Similarly, Dogecoin is also experiencing a calm wave in the market.

Mimicking the price movements of $PEPE, the US dollar DOGE is in a consolidation phase, with its value trading in a narrow range between $0.0644 and $0.0662.

The meme coin market appears to be in a “wait and see” mode, after Dogecoin’s recent exploits – although the technical specs of $DOGE appear to be more positive than $PEPE.

For example, the price of $DOGE has respected the ascending trend line on three occasions since June 10, which has helped support the value of the token.

In addition, $DOGE is holding the minor support level at $0.0645, with long wicks over the past few days pointing to higher buy order volume.

However, a potential challenge for Dogecoin is its low trading volume, with data from Queen Gekko Revealing that it is now a fraction of what it was in the first week of July.

What are the bullish meme coins this week?

When Pepe and Dogecoin take a break, attention turns towards the new entrants in the meme coin space.

Wall Street Memes and Thug Life quickly became the talk of the crypto community, displaying bullish momentum in their respective pre-sale phases.

Wall Street memes emerge as contender to be Pepe & Raises next $14.4m through Presale

Wall Street Memes ($WSM) He took the cryptocurrency community by storm with the viral pre-sale of the $WSM token.

The pre-sale was launched at the end of May and has already topped $14.4 million in funding, which means investors are buying approximately $300,000 per day from WSM.

This rapid growth highlights the potential for $WSM to match (or even exceed) the gains made by well-known meme coins such as Pepe and Dogecoin.

At the time of writing, the ongoing pre-sale prices for $WSM tokens are at just $0.0316 — an attractive price point given the strength of the Wall Street Memes community.

This community includes over 1.1 million people, spread across platforms like Twitter And Instagram.

Given the massive Wall Street Memes audience, along with the immediate success of their prequel show, many believe that Level 1 exchange listings are now on the horizon for $WSM.

These lists may be crucial because wall street memes White papers It details plans to reach a huge market cap of $1 billion in the future.

Even Wall Street memes have caught the attention of high-profile crypto influencers, as Michael Wrubel posted video On July 12 he reports that he has purchased WSM dollars.

Overall, the upward trajectory of Wall Street Memes undoubtedly enhances its potential as a game-changer in the world of meme currency.

You can visit the preview of Wall Street Memes here.

Thug Life ‘Baller’s Meme Coin’ causes a stir and raises $1.2M with only 4 days left to buy

Thug Life ($THUG) It is another new entrant into the cryptocurrency scene and has already caused a stir throughout the investment community.

In just two weeks, the pre-show for Thug Life has raised $1.2 million, with investors from around the world vying to participate.

Based on the popular “Thug Life” meme, $THUG aims to create a community of like-minded investors who are tired of missing out on the huge winnings in the meme coin market.

With only four days left until the Thug Life pre-sale ends, potential investors have a limited opportunity to get their hands on THUG at the low price of $0.0007.

Per Thug Life White papersThe developers plan to launch $THUG on major decentralized exchanges (DEXs) after the pre-sale is completed, a move that could spur a price hike.

The developers are also planning to host a THUG airdrop campaign, providing another way for interested investors to get their hands on the tokens.

With a thug life Telegram channel Continuing to see new members joining daily, this token looks set to grow in the coming weeks.

You can visit Thug Life presale here.


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