Preview: Firewall Ultra proves there’s a lot to look forward to on PSVR2

After a meteoric launch packed with software, PSVR2 experiences a sort of lull after the release. The games largely dried up and heated discussions shifted to whether the material looked like a flop or not. The only way to reverse this narrative is with major software releases, and First Contact Entertainment’s Firewall Ultra is the only currently announced the first-party PSVR2 project under the Sony publishing umbrella.

It is no surprise that the platform holder has called on the services of the Californian studio for the second time, as the first Firewall Zero Hour was a surprise success. Using the PSVR aim controller To great effect, this Rainbow Six-style tactical first-person shooter enjoyed a long life, backed by a live-service model that spawned multiple seasons. Going back to the release as recently as last year, you’ll find a vibrant and engaged community still playing the game.

We were lucky enough to be invited to PlayStation late last month to get a world first demo of the sequel on PSVR2, where we played on demo stations in London against team members in Santa Monica – including iconic PSVR YouTuber Frank, who some of you might know by now has a role at the developer. All presentations and Q&As took place in-game, in an interactive lobby known as the Refuge, which made for an entertaining approach.

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