Preview: Aveum’s Immortal Spell-Based FPS Looks Like Pure PS5 Magic

What if Call of Duty was set in a fantasy world where wars were fought with magic? That’s the question new developer Ascendant Studios set out to answer over five years ago, and its answer is the hugely promising PS5 first-person shooter Immortals of Aveum. We were lucky enough to be invited by EA to see the very first footage of this action-packed single-player release earlier in the month – and came away enthralled by what we saw.

Although the developer admitted to exploring multiplayer and co-op options, it was clear that it was 100% focused on the single-player campaign for launch, which should keep players busy for over 25 hours when the title rolls out on the 20th. July 2023. Along with the various battle gauntlets that make up the main action, you’ll also find secrets, branching paths, gear upgrades, and a dense story filled with lore. This is a traditional single-player experience through and through.

The pedigree behind the release is also seriously impressive. The project is the brainchild of Bret Robbins, a veteran game director who got his start at Crystal Dynamics, before eventually moving to EA where he served as creative director on Dead Space and later ran the Call of Duty franchise at Sledgehammer. Games. These influences are obvious to see in the roughly 20 minutes of gameplay footage we enjoyed, but more on that a bit later.

Although it was published by EA Originals – the subdivision responsible for the critically acclaimed It Takes Two – it’s clearly a AAA production, and more than 100 veteran employees of franchises like BioShock and Borderlands have spent about five years to put it together. The title is built in Epic’s revolutionary new Unreal Engine 5 and takes advantage of all the fancy new features in technology; it also runs at a fast frame rate, as you’d expect from a team run by Call of Duty veterans.

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