Q Acoustics 5000 Series Speakers Deliver Great Performance with Innovative New Drivers

The Q Acoustics 3000 Series has dominated the entry-level category for nearly five years for the simple reason that it delivers exceptional performance for its money. The Concept 30 we just reviewed ranks nicely in their overall US$1300 lineup, but also highlights that there’s a lot of daylight between the 3000 series and the rest of their products. The new Q Acoustics 5000 Series aims to change all that with 5 new models that deliver a significant performance boost without breaking the bank.

Q Acoustics has been designing award-winning loudspeakers since 2006. The new 5000 Series line of loudspeakers sits between the entry-level 3000 Series and the Concept Series, while offering the flexibility for stereo and home theater setups.

EIC Ian White and Jeremy Sikora have already tested the 5040 and 5020 loudspeakers at home and you can read our first impressions of the 5040 here.

Five speakers

The five new 5000 Series loudspeakers are:

  1. 5010 Bookshelf speaker ($749/pr)
  2. 5020 Bookshelf speaker ($899/pr)
  3. 5040 Floor standing speaker ($1499/pr)
  4. 5050 Column speaker (to be determined)
  5. 5090 Center channel speaker ($599)
Q Acoustic 5010
Q Acoustics 5020 Bookshelf Speaker
Q Acoustic 5020
Q Acoustics 5040 Floorstanding Speakers and 5090 Center Speaker in Black
Q Acoustics 5040 Floorstanding Speakers and 5090 Center Speaker in Black
Q Acoustics 5040 and 5050 Oak Enclosures without Grilles
Q Acoustics 5040 (left) and 5050 (right) in oak


Basic design: In their most basic version, the Q Acoustics 5000 loudspeakers incorporate a 2-way bass-reflex design with rear-facing port(s), but there are additional enhancements intended to improve performance and add additional style.

C3 (pronounced ‘C-cubed’) Continuous curved cone The mid/bass driver design provides smoother high frequency integration with the tweeter and superior bass dynamics. The mid/bass driver is also designed to accommodate increased power handling (up to 50% over comparable speakers from other brands). The sleek design also includes a dark acrylic baffle that mirrors the minimalist C3 Continuous Curved Cone™ profile.

Close-up of the Q Acoustics 5050 tweeter
Q Acoustic 5050

New tweeter housing: Borrowing from the Q Acoustics Concept series with modification, the 5000 series uses a new housing for the high frequency speaker (tweeter). This enclosure hermetically seals and mechanically isolates (floats) the tweeter from the front baffle to protect it from internal cabinet pressure and mid/bass driver resonances.

P2P: The 5000 series loudspeakers also incorporate Point-2-Point™ (P2P) Internal Reinforcement. This stiffens the enclosure to minimize low-frequency vibration while improving stereo imaging and soundstage.

HPE: For the 5040 and 5050 models, Helmholtz Pressure Equalizers (HPE™) are used to reduce internal pressure and standing waves.

Additional Features for the 5040/5050: These floor models come with solid aluminum stabilizers that include upper adjustable spikes for easier leveling adjustment. Durable, low-profile speaker terminals provide an unobtrusive appearance, allowing speakers to be placed closer to the wall if needed.

Finish options: Q Acoustics offers the following finish options for the 5000 Series: Satin Black, Satin White, Santos Rosewood, Holme Oak

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5010 5020 5040 5050 5090
MSRP $749/pair $899/pair $1,499/pair To be determined $599 each
Description Bookshelf Support On the ground On the ground center channel
Speaker type 2-Way Bass Reflex 2-Way Bass Reflex 2-Way Bass Reflex 2-Way Bass Reflex 2-Way Bass Reflex
woofer 1 x 110mm
(4.5 inches)
1 × 125mm
(5.0 inches)
2 × 125mm
(5.0 inches)
2 × 150mm
(6.0 inches)
2 × 110mm
(4.5 inches)
Tweeter 1 x 25mm
(1 in)
1 × 25mm
(1.0 in)
1 × 25mm
(1.0 in)
1 × 25mm
(1.0 in)
1 × 25mm
(1.0 in)
Response frequency (-6dB) 56Hz – 30kHz 53Hz – 30kHz 39Hz – 30kHz To be determined 57Hz – 30kHz
Nominal Impedance 6 ohm 6 ohm 6 ohm 6 ohm 6 ohm
Minimum impedance 3.3 ohms 3.3 ohms 3.0 ohm To be determined 3.2 ohm
Sensitivity (2.83v at 1kHz) 86.3dB 87.9dB 91.5dB To be determined 90.5dB
Recommended amp power 15 – 90 watts 25-100W 25-150W To be determined 25-150W
Crossover frequency 2.5kHz 2.5kHz 2.5kHz To be determined 2.1kHz
Effective interior volume (Litres) 5.0L 6.8L 27L 39.7L 7.8L
Dimensions (HWD) 264 x 160 x 263mm
(10.4 x 6.3 x 10.4 inches)
284 x 180 x 293mm
(11.2 x 7.1 x 11.5 inches)
(38.1 x 14.2 x 11.5 inches)
Includes spikes and stabilizer
(40.0 x 15.2 x 13.2 inches)
Includes spikes and stabilizer
(6.5 x 16.9 x 9.6 inches)
lester 5.6kg
(12.3 pounds)
(15.4 pounds)
(39.7 pounds)
To be determined 8.5kg
(18.7 pounds)
2023 Q Acoustics 5000 Series Rosewood Speakers with Grilles
2023 Q Acoustics 5000 Series Rosewood Speakers with Grilles

Price and availability

The Q Acoustics 5020 pedestal-mount and 5040 floor-standing models are now available exclusively from Crutchfield, while the 5010 and 5090 models are expected by May 2023.

  • Q Acoustic 5010: £499/€649/$749 (May 2023)
  • Q Acoustic 5020: £599/€799/$899
  • Q Acoustic 5040: £999/€1,299/$1,499
  • Q Acoustic 5050: to confirm
  • Q Acoustic 5090: £399/€499/$599 (May 2023)

Home Cinema Packages

As well as providing a great solution for listening to music in stereo, Q Acoustics also offers the 5000 Series in two 5.1-channel home theater configurations (available from May 2023).

Q Acoustics 5010 5.1 Home Cinema
Q Acoustics 5010 5.1 Home Cinema

  • Q Acoustics 5010 5.1 (2x 5010/pair, 5090 center, QB12 subwoofer): £1,975/€2,495/$2,845
  • Q Acoustics 5040 5.1 (1x 5040/pair, 1x 5010/pair, 5090 center, QB12 subwoofer1): £2,475/€3,145/$3,595
Q Acoustics 5040 5.1 Home Theater
Q Acoustics 5040 5.1 Home Theater

Advice: If you prefer, you can opt for the 3060S Slimline subwoofer instead of the more traditional Q B12 subwoofer.

Optional accessories: Available now from www.qacoustics.co.uk, www.qacoustics.com and local independent retailers.

  • Q Acoustics 3000FSi floor stands (pair) for the 5010/5020 are offered with a white or black finish: £175/€219/$239.
  • Q Acoustics WB75 Wall Mount (Single) for the 5020/5090 are offered with a white or black finish: £59.95/€79/$89.
  • Q Acoustics 3000WB Wall Mount (Single) for the 5010 are offered with a white or black finish: £22/€27.50/$32.50.

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