Queen Camilla’s crown jewels controversy could upset a cause close to Will’s heart

New details have emerged about the upcoming coronation on May 6, including the route the procession will take and the extravagant jewelry and adornments that will be used.

Camilla wears an ivory crown jewel – despite William’s efforts to stop illegal ivory trafficking(Getty Images)

One of Queen Camilla’s crown jewels has sparked controversy and could be upsetting as it comes up against a cause close to Prince William’s heart.

A slew of new details have been released about King Charles’ upcoming coronation, which will take place on May 6.

This has included details of the coronation route and much of the royal adornments and items that will be used.

This includes priceless jewelery and gilded cars – as Britons battle a cost of living crisis – and one item in particular has already come under fire.

Camilla will hold a golden scepter surmounted by a cross and a second ivory staff and surmounted by a dove, during the coronation held at Westminster Abbey.

The controversial queen consort rod with a dove (Royal Collection Trust)

Organizers have defended the use of ivory, although the Prince of Wales has run his own campaign to end the illegal trade in animal parts like this.

Last August William hailed a ‘historic’ conviction for the illegal wildlife trade which saw a man jailed for five years for conspiring to traffic rhino horn and elephant ivory for millions of dollars.

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