Ravenscraig concrete lift bridge makes European history as project marks milestone

With the new bridge in place, North Lanarkshire Council can now progress with the construction of a new dual carriageway with cycle and pedestrian lanes.

By Jenness Mitchell, Scottish journalist @Jenster13

Thursday April 13, 2023 3:10 pm, United Kingdom

One of the largest concrete lifts in European history has been completed in North Lanarkshire.

The 5,000 tonne crossing was put in place earlier this month on the West Coast Main Line (WCML) at Ravenscraig.

Network Rail and Story Contracting crews worked to extract tens of thousands of tonnes of material from the railway embankment.

The crossing and support structure, totaling around 6,000 tonnes, was then moved into place using remotely operated transporters in what is believed to be the largest concrete bridge movement of its kind in Europe.

Track and overhead line equipment was later restored before the railway reopened.

The work is being carried out as part of the £127.2m Ravenscraig Access Infrastructure Project. Image: rail network

Councilor Paul Kelly, Deputy Leader of North Lanarkshire Council, said: “Our ambitious plans for Ravenscraig, one of Europe’s largest brownfield regeneration sites, will transform the area and bring significant investment and jobs to the economy of North Lanarkshire.”

The facility is part of a £16.9 million project to enable the construction of a new road under the railway line.

The project – part of the ongoing regeneration of the former steelworks site – is being carried out under an agreement between the council and Network Rail.

The local authority is now set to make progress on a new dual carriageway with pedestrian and cycle lanes from Airbles Road / Windmillhill Street to Robberhall Road, as part of a wider investment to open the area for future development.

A contractor is expected to be appointed in the fall, and construction is expected to begin on the site in early 2024.

Councilor Kelly added: “The road is the catalyst for the development of housing, leisure and retail, business and industry in this prime location in the heart of Scotland.”

It is hoped that the project will improve connections to the north with the M8 and to the south with Motherwell and the M74. Image: rail network

The project is part of an ongoing regeneration of the former steelworks site. Pic: Contract History and Railway Network

The bridge and new road, which will be built by North Lanarkshire Council, are the first parts of the £127.2million Ravenscraig Access Infrastructure (RAI) project, backed by £61.9million in funding from the Glasgow City Region Deal.

It is hoped that the project will improve connections to the north with the M8 and to the south with Motherwell and the M74.

Ravenscraig Ltd received planning permission in 2019 for a master plan including residential, business and employment districts, educational and community facilities, parkland, hotels and a new town center with retail and retail space. hobbies.

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Crews worked to put track and overhead line equipment back in place. Pic: Contract History and Railway Network

The Ravenscraig Bridge was installed earlier this month. Pic: Contract History and Railway Network

Neil Gray MSP, Secretary for Welfare Economics, Fair Labor and Energy, welcomed the “marking moment” of the bridge’s completion.

Jeremy Spence, Network Rail program manager, added: “Reaching this critical phase of the program took several months of meticulous planning and preparatory work, followed by a huge amount of work building the bridge itself.

“Working in conjunction with Story Contracting and North Lanarkshire Council, we have all played our part in ensuring the necessary pieces were in place to enable the seamless delivery of work, particularly during the continuous nine-month period of work. days to lift the bridge into place.

“It’s an honor for everyone involved to have invested in the whole thing from the start – as we all understood the importance the bridge will bring to the wider community by helping to create more opportunities in the region.”

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