Roundup: Here’s what reviewers think of Minecraft Legends on Xbox Game Pass

“Minecraft Legends is a fantastic strategy title that has more layers than I expected. When you start to understand the systems at play, you’re free to be as creative as you want. The interface is easy to master, and the scale of some of the biggest battles is unlike anything I’ve seen before. Mojang has managed to give gamers of all skill levels and ages a way to enjoy what many understand of the franchise, while putting a very different spin on the gameplay.”

“Strategy games have historically been out of reach for many gamers. Yet Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive have worked hard to reduce the strategy portions of the game just enough to make it more accessible to casual gamers. It works, and the combination of an optional tutorial and plenty of helpful, dynamic tips throughout the game ensure you have all the information you need to play Minecraft Legends.”

NME (8/10)

“In truth, the single player mode is fun, but if you’ve ever played strategy games, you’ve seen what it has to offer. It now has a nice Minecraft twist. You’ll appreciate your time, but it doesn’t isn’t really deep. After all, it can’t be given its target audience isn’t the traditional strategy gamer. The variety that’s likely to come from multiplayer, however, is where the fun will be. It’s cute, charming, and just the right thing for everyone to quickly take ownership of.”

“Minecraft Legends struggles to blend its open-world adventures with the intricacies of real-time strategy, a warfare that sometimes detracts from the overall enjoyment you can have. Even so, its beautiful environments and clever world-building inspire creative familiar that makes up for its growing pains. Where other strategy games feature deeper complexity, Minecraft Legends has heart, and its charm is hard to resist. Mojang’s first expedition into this genre holds you sometimes hand too tight. But when its grip loosens, there’s a dynamic world of combat challenges to discover, which ultimately makes it an attractive undertaking.”

IGN (7/10)

“Minecraft Legends is an engaging strategy game that does a great job of streamlining a notoriously complex genre without sacrificing the ever-important element of choice and consequence. custom units, fall victim to this simplification, which is a shame because it somewhat limits your strategic options in the heat of battle. But Legends uses other recognizable elements like its Allays work unit to great effect, and it nails the iconic Minecraft aesthetic with some of the nicest blocks around. The curve has the potential to make the endgame frustrating, but the co-op play and stellar PVP still make this RTS very interesting.”

“I was hoping Legends would fill in the gaps with heaps of Minecraft charm to sell the rest of the package, but that’s mostly at the surface level. The creatures are generally adorable and the world is extremely pretty, but I was looking for more secrets and exploring underground. I wanted to develop my hero, find more powerful weapons and armor, and maybe access AOE spells that could change the tide of battle and give me more agency in battle.

“Minecraft Legends has some great ideas, but it’s ultimately held back by the decision to root its strategic action around a central hero. not to generate compelling combat cycles or opportunities for creative thinking.”

Overall, Minecraft Legends pretty much nails its Minecraft aesthetic – bringing a lot of charm with it – but the overall feeling is that it lacks some of the depth the genre often offers, which is what we expected. of the title. It currently sits at 74 on Metacritic at the time of writing – a respectable score overall!

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