Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5 screen sizes ‘100%’ confirmed by leaker

We’ve heard a lot of rumors about Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 screen sizes recently. Now another rumor has jumped into the mix, with ice universe (opens in a new tab) revealing the screen sizes for both phones. Not short on confidence, this leaker claims they are “100%” correct with their predictions.

According to IceUniverse, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 will come with a 6.7-inch main screen and a 3.4-inch cover screen, with a weight of 187 grams/6.59 ounces. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 will reportedly have a 7.6-inch main panel and a 6.2-inch cover screen, with a weight of 254 grams/8.95 ounces. These details were also corroborated by another leaker, Yogesh Brar (opens in a new tab)on Twitter.

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