Slimming World Member Who Lost 10 Stones In A Year Says The Secret Is In The Vegetables

Samantha Cobb decided to join Slimming World for “health reasons”, but didn’t think she would lose more than five stones in a year. Thanks to her “secret”, she lost 10 stones and 9 pounds

Samantha Cobb decided to try Slimming World after deciding she wanted to lose weight(Samantha Cobb)

A Slimming World member managed to lose 149 pounds, just over 10 stone, in just one year by making one simple change while still being able to eat the food she wanted.

Samantha Cobb decided to join Slimming World last year and after initially finding it “scary”, she’s been going there every week since.

The 49-year-old has been so successful that she was crowned her group’s ‘biggest loser’ in 2023, just a year after her arrival.

Samantha, from Chelmsford, was happy that she was able to lose weight by eating her normal diet, but in moderation. She also shared her big secret – vegetables.

Samantha was crowned her group’s ‘biggest loser’ of 2023(Samantha Cobb)
She wanted to lose weight for health reasons(Samantha Cobb)

She said adding lots of vegetables to her meals made her feel full faster.

Speaking to EssexLive, Samantha said: “I think the secret is to try to have as many vegetables as possible with your meals as they are categorized at Slimming World as fast foods as they help you lose weight. weight faster. It fills you up a lot faster.”

Samantha also revealed why she decided to lose weight, explaining: “It was more health issues than anything, and I thought it was time I got my act together and something was done. sorted on that.”

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