With One Month ‘Til TOTK, what do you have left to do in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild?

Yes of course we do have to get it all done before TOTK releases, but we fear the upcoming sequel will dominate our time so much over the next few months that we may see BOTW take a back seat (and surely you can’t expect us to play two different games one next to the other ??).

Faced with this challenge, we have come together to share the exploits that we have yet to accomplish. Read the things we’re still missing, then jump to the comments to let us know if there’s anything you haven’t quite finished.

Having a mare (Jim Norman, editor)

Ride now, ride now, ride! — Image: Nintendo Life

Breath of the Wild is one of my best gaming experiences ever. I don’t even remember how many times I blew physical the boss’s kiss in the air after being hit by a new mechanic, quest solution, or location. I poured every hour in this game between 2017 and 2018, so it baffles me how looking back now, there’s so much I still have to do.

Don’t worry, I’ve defeated Ganon, completed all shrines, and checked off all available side quests, no need. But I never touched the DLC, nor collected all the Korok seeds. I admit that the latter is not so attractive. I love this version of Hyrule but Go on. Even if the DLC is tempting…

Maybe I’ll spend £17.99 and get myself an extra slice of BOTW goodness (I get it’s pretty good). But I’m much more likely to instead cross out the one little thing I’ve never done in BOTW despite trying time and time again: riding Lord of the Mountain.

Will this be a game-changing experience for me? Probably not. But BOTW is to play it your way, and if I can finally get on the back of this shiny beast and ride around some of my beloved places one last time, I think that would be a really good way to end the game for me…

Compendium Compendium (Alana Hagues, editor)

BOTW Guardian
Trying to get that perfect shot like… — Image: Nintendo Life

I’m happy with what I did in Breath of the Wild. Completed all shrines, rode the mountain lord, rebuilt the city of Tarrey, defeated the Isle of Eventide, bought a house. All this while eliminating Calamity Ganon? But you all know how enormous Breath of the Wild is. I hear you all shouting “Korok seeds!” to me, and look, I love collectibles like anyone else raised on 3D rigs, but 900 is maybe 600 too many. My link is an accomplished man without these Korok seeds.

Still, I didn’t beat the DLC. I don’t even own the DLC. Master Cycle Zero and Master Mode aren’t enough to tempt me, to be honest. I’m not in Breath of the Wild to take on the challenge – I’m here to soak up the world and lose myself in its wonders. And save Hyrule, I guess.

If there’s one thing I’ve been tempted to do that totally matches my love of exploration, it’s complete the Compendium of Hyrule. I love the idea of ​​Link being a wildlife photographer, getting himself into awkward situations as he sneaks up on a Lynel or Guardian – and trust me, those are two things I’ve done before, and that didn’t go well the first few times. I would totally play a Zelda photography game, so this is the closest I’m going to get. Maybe with just a month to go, I should pull out my Sheikah Slate and go crazy…

A seed of Korok. A. Korok. Seed. (Gavin Lane, editor)

BOTW Korok
Look at him, mocker We. — Image: Nintendo

I did almost everything in Breath of the Wild. I’m missing a few amiibo, so there’s some figure exclusive loot that I don’t have yet, but in terms of in-game tasks and collectibles, and the DLC, I’ve done everything I can. there was to do, and I have everything there is to get. Proud owner of Master Cycle Zero, here.

With the exception of a Korok seed. A only seed to be found throughout Hyrule. My finalist OCD is making me restless. A little over a year ago, I used an app to try and find the handful of seeds left to get that 100% completion score. But I missed one that somehow got checked off the list.

The reality is that I will never spend another dozen hours double-checking all 900 locations. Even with the Korok mask, it’s too much work – that would be silly, and I have dozens of other games in my backlog. Not to mention a great old Zelda now a month away.

Let it be.

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