Tech Giant allows users to create fake photos in just 3 minutes

Leading Chinese technology company Tencent has launched a platform that allows users to create fake videos based on a three-minute video and audio material of 100 sentences for 1,000 yuan ($145). The platform is developed by its subsidiary Tencent Cloud.

According to a local media a reportThe deepfake platform relies on Tencent’s own internal artificial intelligence (AI) and technical capabilities. The report indicated that the platform can produce a deep, persuasive video within 24 hours, in either Chinese or English.

Tencent platform targeting commercial advertising

Meanwhile, the record mentioned Digital humans come in several styles, including 3D photorealistic, 3D animated, semi-realistic 3D, 2D cartoon, and 2D real person.

Tencent plans to use the platform to host live commercials for Chinese audiences. Thus, it will support the display of images of the whole and half of the body and the appropriate gestures and movements.

In addition, users can change the background of the recording, which makes it suitable for use in many commercial scenarios, including live broadcasts.

Tencent Human Deepfake (Source: jimian)

The company also provides a broadcast platform where deepfakes can be played and broadcasted. Jemian reports that the platform “supports the rapid generation of digital wisdom video through text and voice input.”

Chen Lei, CEO of Tencent Cloud in charge of the platform, said that the company hopes to build a digital Homo sapiens factory powered by artificial intelligence.

The development marks a significant milestone for Chinese technology companies trying to commercialize artificial intelligence. Baidu has already released its own chatbot, while companies like Alibaba and Huawei are developing their own AI versions.

Deepfake is dangerous

With the popularity and use of artificial intelligence on the rise, a platform that allows users to easily create fake videos raises concerns about potential abuse. Earlier in the year, the US-based company Graphika mentioned That China was using fake news broadcasters to spread political propaganda.

Separate Wall Street Journal a report He pointed out that the number of deepfakes on the Internet is almost in the millions, which highlights the dangers this tool poses to the wider community.

Meanwhile, many stakeholders have already complained about how the deepfakes happen used for fraud and the spread of misinformation. This means that widespread access will likely force regulators to take tougher measures to regulate the use of AI.


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