The AI-generated interview sparks debate about the future of journalism

A fake magazine ‘interview’ with racing legend Michael Schumacher raises questions about the ethical limits of artificial intelligence.

Racing legend Michael Schumacher has broken his silence after years out of the public eye. Or is he? A German magazine is facing fire and a lawsuit for publishing a fake, artificial intelligence-generated interview with the racing legend.

the magazine Actuel dies Claimed to contain a scoop of decadence. Promised “No scanty, vague sentences from friends. But answers from him! Written by Michael Schumacher, 54!”

The publication revealed that the interview was fake only after it was published. The incident raised ethical questions about the use of artificial intelligence in journalism. Especially when it comes to imitating a public figure without her consent.

Michael Schumacher is widely considered the greatest Formula 1 racer of all time. source: European Parliament

A spokesperson for Schumacher’s family told ESPN that they will pursue legal action.

Schumacher has been kept out of the public eye since a catastrophic skiing injury in December 2013. The German racing driver suffered a severe brain injury and was placed in a medically induced coma after being airlifted to hospital for emergency brain surgery. For several months, there were no updates on his condition. In a November 2014 statement, his family said he was still “making progress” but “we have to be patient.”

Schumacher’s lawyer confirmed in September 2016 that he had begun to communicate with his family by moving his eyes and responding to instructions with his mouth.

Michael Schumacher has a reputation as the greatest Formula 1 racer of all time. At the time of his retirement, he held the record for the most wins. He still holds the record for the total number of fastest laps.

The role of artificial intelligence in journalism and copywriting is a hot topic. News organizations, already facing a general decline in ad revenue, worry about AI-driven news content that isn’t written or moderated by a human. The recent controversy over the fake Schumacher interview adds yet another ethical dilemma for an industry struggling to draw boundaries with this new technology.


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