The District of California approves the digital wallet for government services

Santa Cruz County in the District of California has approved the use of digital wallets for transactions in government services.

Santa Cruz County, located on the Central California coast, has agreed to a partnership agreement with San Diego-based data transaction company HUMBL. Its goal is to develop blockchain-based digital wallet technology. The Board of Supervisors approved the proposal unanimously.

Digital wallets for municipal services

Santa Cruz County Superintendent Zack Friend said statement Quoted Thursday on the HUMBL website.

If all goes as planned, administrators will soon be using digital wallets for their transactions. The local government will integrate the technology with the My Santa Cruz County mobile app, a portal for government services. But not everyone is happy with the move, as there are still concerns about potential misuse of personal data.

Critical trial periods lie ahead. The app will have three primary use cases. Including bicycle registration, recreational vehicle parking registration, and added functionality for emergency push notifications. HUMBL hopes the digital wallet will enter beta in July 2023.

Some residents have expressed concern about data privacy. However, the company would theoretically only have visibility of how often users download the app.

Are digital wallets safe?

In the age of hacking and data breaches, concerns about the safety of personal data are on the rise. The agreement requires HUMBL to follow a rigorous and comprehensive data security plan developed in conjunction with the Information Services Administration (ISD).

Nothing is set in stone at this point. County administrators will use the trial period to evaluate progress and develop further use cases. An official report will follow in September.

One commenter on the Santa Cruz government website didn’t seem happy with the plans. “Please put a hold on further action and progress on this item as HUMBL appears to be unstable and may not be trusted,” said Becky Seinbruner, who appeared concerned about “improper use and sales of personal data”.

Governments are increasingly using blockchain for their services and record keeping. The National Digital ID Company Limited in Thailand is currently launching a blockchain-based digital identity infrastructure. Half of the population is now eligible to use the system, which will soon offer verifiable credentials and a digital wallet.


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