The White House unveils its AI ethics plan ahead of the CEO meeting

The Biden White House has announced another set of measures to show that his administration is on the forefront of the issue of artificial intelligence (AI). Technology has become the dominant talking point in the industry since it exploded in popularity last year.

On Thursday, the Biden administration announced new measures to promote responsible innovation in artificial intelligence. President and Vice President Kamala Harris will also meet with the CEOs of Alphabet, Anthropic, Microsoft and OpenAI.

Biden wants to appear preoccupied about AI

The US National Science Foundation has committed $140 million to seven new national research institutes for artificial intelligence, for a total of 25, The Verge reported Thursday. The institutes will collaborate with different entities to develop AI that is responsible and serves the common good.

The administration also plans to obtain assessments of existing AI systems and release draft policy guidance on the use of AI by federal agencies this summer.

The announcement is part of a larger effort by the Biden administration to address concerns about the potential risks of artificial intelligence. This technology has alarmed some in the public and the media due to its rapid growth and widespread use since last year.

Last month, in a Press ConferenceBiden warned of the dangers of artificial intelligence. While it may bring some benefits in a few areas, the dangers of an ever-increasing intelligence not necessarily aligned with the interests of the nation are glaring.

“Artificial intelligence can help deal with some very difficult challenges like disease and climate change, but we also have to address potential risks to our society, our economy, and our national security,” Biden said.

“In my view, tech companies have a responsibility to make sure their products are safe before they go public.”

In February, Biden signed an executive order aimed at removing traces of algorithmic bias and discrimination in artificial intelligence.

Last October, the White House released a dossier a plan The so-called “Artificial Intelligence Bill of Rights”. The outline outlined five principles that should guide the design, use, and deployment of automated systems to protect the American public.

Among these are safe and effective systems, algorithmic discrimination protection, data privacy, transparency and explainability, and accountability for decisions made by automated systems.

Growing concern over artificial intelligence

Other prominent figures have expressed concern about the threat AI poses to society and the economy. This week, Jeffrey Hinton, widely known as the “Godfather of Artificial Intelligence,” left his longtime position at Google after expressing concern about the technology’s rapid pace.

This week, Hinton, 75, told MIT Technology Review that he “suddenly changed my views on whether these things are going to be smarter than us.”

“I think they are very close to it now, and they will be smarter than us in the future… How do we survive that?”


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